Minimum temperature film forming instrument(MFFT)

Used to determine the minimum film forming temperature of polymer emulsion. The film forming property of polymer emulsion is one of the important properties when it is used as surface treating agent for coating, adhesive, chemical fiber fabric, leather and paper.A polymer emulsion or latex paint is applied to a metal plate. Upon evaporation of water, the polymer particles interact to form a continuous transparent film at an appropriate temperature.The critical critical film forming temperature is called the minimum [...]

Learn About Use of Offset,UV Ink Proofer

Ink proofer is also called show color machine, ink chromatograph machine, colour modulation instrument, is a kind of analog printing ink color in the state of the fitnessmeter.Ink proofer has automatic and semi-automatic and other types.The Offset/UV ink proofer can effectively shorten the time of color matching, reduce the cost of proofing, and quickly determine whether the ink to meet the printing needs.Printing proofer simulates the working principle of printing machine, with adjustable pressure and wide range of substrate, it can accurately predict the [...]

Plastic Industry Halogen moisture analyzer

Plastic Industry Moisture Meter(120-0.001g) Results: sample weight, water content, measurement time, heating temperature Plastic industry in the production of products, injection molding, molding process control process due to the large moisture content of raw materials and lead to product cracks, blister, shrinkage and other phenomena. we research and develop an advanced new type plastic rapid moisture meter.Heating system adopts halogen heat source device.Real-time printing function one-key operation, standard 232 interface and special software can achieve online operation, real-time data collection, analysis, storage, [...]

How to choose the right temperature and humidity test chamber method

Selection of temperature and humidity test chamber should be made from the following five aspects: volume, temperature range, humidity range, control mode and temperature change rate. 1. Volume selection When placing the tested products (components, components, components or the whole machine) into the climatic environment box for test, in order to ensure that the ambient atmosphere around the tested products can meet the environmental test conditions specified in the test specification, the following provisions shall be followed between the working size [...]

Difference between IZOD and CHARPY impact test machine

1. First of all, what is pendulum impact?  Classification of energy release impact: pendulum impact is divided into cantilever beam impact testing machine and simply supported beam impact testing machine according to different impact modes and different spline clamping modes.  2. Cantilever beam impact machine, simply supported beam impact machine definition: IZOD: test device for clamping one end of a spline and receiving the energy released by a pendulum at the other end so that it is damaged by a blow Simply supported [...]

Principle and application of melt index test instrument

Principle of melt index test equipment Melt flow rate meter is used to make the measured substance reach the melting state by high temperature heating furnace under the specified temperature condition.In this molten state, the test object is extruded through a hole of a certain diameter under the gravity of the specified weight load.In the research of plastic production and scientific research institutions of industrial enterprises, “melt (mass) flow rate” is often used to express the physical properties of polymer [...]