LR-F033 Adjustable distance standard cutter

LR-F033 Adjustable distance standard cutter

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Adjustable paper cutter is a special paper, cardboard, physical performance test sampling equipment, has a wide range of sample size, sampling the advantages of high precision, simple operation, easy to cut out tensile test, folding test, peeling test and tear test between the layers, stiffness test and other test standard specimen, is paper, packaging, testing and research and other industries and departments ideal auxiliary test apparatus.


Item Parameter
Sample size range Max length 360mm锛宮ax width 290mm
Dimension聽error 15mm 卤0.10mm
25.4mm 卤0.15mm
38mm 卤0.20mm
50mm 卤0.25mm
63mm 卤0.30mm
70mm 卤0.30mm
Other size 卤0.50mm
Thickness聽range 锛1.0mm
Parallelism 鈮0.1mm
Size锛圠脳W脳H锛(Dimension聽) 600聽mm脳350mm脳160mm
weight 5kg