LR-F064 Electronic Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge

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Product Character

  • 7 inch touch color LCD, controlled by microcomputer, automatic grouping statistics of maximum, minimum and average value.
  • The rotation Angle displacement is displayed in real time to ensure accurate measurement.
  • Meet the glass bottle bottom thickness and wall thickness two test methods.
  • The new bottle holder device on the measuring platform supports up and down adjustment, making the test easy and convenient.
  • The system has a micro printing, upper computer data unlimited storage.
  • Professional computer test software, curve chart display, data preservation, EXCEL statistics, printing A4 test report.
  • Software users hierarchical authority management, data statistics and auditing functions meet industry requirements.


Test Principle

In order to ensure that drugs are not damaged in the process of logistics transportation, storage and use, and avoid the loss of liquid medicine and possible injury to patients, the bottle wall and bottom thickness of oral liquid bottle are tested. Only when the bottle body reaches a certain thickness can the risk of damage be effectively reduced.



Test Standard

Ybb00332002-2015 low borosilicate glass ampoules

Ybb00332003-2015 sodium calcium glass controlled injection bottle

Ybb00032004-2015 sodium calcium glass controlled oral liquid bottle

GB 12415-90 test methods for internal stress in medical glass containers


Application Area

Basic Application Wall thickness bottom thickness test It is suitable for testing glass ampoules, glass controlled drugs bottles, glass molded medicine bottles, glass controlled injection bottles, glass molded injection bottles and oral liquid bottles.
Wall thickness bottom thickness test It is suitable for testing glass infusion bottle, beer bottle, liquor bottle, wine bottle, mineral water plastic bottle and carbonated beverage plastic.


Techncial Specification

Item Speicification
Measure range 0-12.7mm/0.5
Dividing value 0.001mm/0.00005″
Sample diameter 5mm-300mm (Can customize)
Sample Height 5mm-330mm(Can customize)
Out size 400(L)X360(W)X700(H)mm
Communication connect USB connect
Environment temperature 15-50℃
Environment humidity ·              10-90%,non condensing


Power 220V/50Hz/60W