LR-G023 Minimum Film-Forming Temperature(MFFT)Tester

LR-G023 Minimum Film-Forming Temperature(MFFT)Tester

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Asthe most important component–emulsions for coatings and polymer dispersions for coatings and plastics polymer, its film-forming property has important influence on final products drying property. Thus, knowing its MFFT is very necessary.

In a certain temperature, emulsions or polymer dispersions, if the temperature is not high enough, then can’t let the polymer particles polymerize. Now, all polymer particles can’t get together any more and then form incontinuous and non-transparent white mass; If the temperature is high enough and let the particles get together, then can form continuous and transparent film.
       White Point Temperature:The dividing temperature when non-transparent film change to transparent film.
      Minimum Film-forming Temperature:The lowest temperature when forming continuous, uniform and no-crack film(Generally speaking, White Point Temperature has serval degrees lower than MFFT)

It isaccordance with ISO 2115, ASTM D 2354 standard, and can test minimum film temperature of emulsion polymer easily and accurately.


Main Technical Parameters

■ Working temperature range of gradient platen:-10℃~+70℃

■ Number of inspection points of gradient platen:13 points

■ Interval distance of gradient:25mm

■ Test channels:7 pcs(width is25mm)

■ Gradient platen size:447mm×210mm

■ Power Supply:220V/50Hz AC wide voltage(three-phase supply with good earth)

■ Tester Size:528mm(L)×430mm(W)× 184mm(H)

■ Chiller Size:460mm(L)×200mm(W)× 160mm(H)

■ Weight:20Kg