LR-G037  Intelligent Inkometer

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Each type of ink has a different tack(viscosity)and this is why it is important to measure the tack of the ink. After all, this determines how an ink behaves on the press. How much force is required to distribute the ink over the roller evenly and is the ink suitable for specific types of paper? Too much tack could loosen fibers on the surface of the paper. It is also important for the correct color sequence on the printing press. With a four color press the tack value of the inks on consecutive towers of the press will have to be slightly less in order to prevent the last ink layer from pulling the previous ink layer from the paper.

Intelligent Inkometer is designed to measure the apparent tack of printing ink under conditions closely approximating the dynamic conditions of the ink-distribution system of a printing press. It also can measures the integrated forces involved in ink film splitting and the effects of roller speed, film thickness, temperature and solvent evaporation.

This Inkometer consists of three rollers:The center roller is a temperature controlled brass roller;The bottom roller is an oscillating rubber composition distribution roller;The top roller is a rubber composition roller attached to the measuring system which measures tack. And all rollers are available for testing standard and UV inks. The brass roller temperature is controlled by circulating acoolant mixture provided by a thermostatic bath.


◆ The tack is reported in 0.1 gram-meters and represents the torque required to “work” the ink filmat a known rate with predetermined film thickness and temperature.
◆ With big digital display shows the temperature, tack, roller speed and test time. Statistical reports can be viewed directly from the display.

◆ Highest accuracy and efficiency,


MainTechnical Parameters

■ Brass roller speed range:   400 RPM,800 RPM,1200 RPM,1600 RPM, 2000  RPM;.
Additional: Roller TestingSpeeds – Programmable 0 to 2000 RPM(3000 RPM Optional customized)
■ BrassRoller Lateral Error: ± 0.3mm after leveling on workbench .
■ Roller Speed Accuracy: ± 2 RPM
■ Thermostatic Bath Pump Flow: 10L/minute(Bath capacity:6L)
■ Temperature Error:  ±0.2 °C
■ Testing Accuracy: ±0.3 gram-meters base on same testing condition
■ Printing: Testing time, number, temperature, speed, viscosity values
■ Accessory: With apiece of ink injector which is very easy to dismantle and install.
■ Power Supply : 220 V,50 Hz
■ Total Power: 1600W(motor 800W, water tank800W)
■ Dimensions: 750x300x480mm
■ Net weight: 130 KG