LR-G042 聽Automatic Scratch Tester

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Coatings and paints can protect,decorate substrate or conceal the defects of substrate, and these three functions are related with coatings hardness. And hardness is the important performance for paint mechanical strength, as well as the important indicator to judge paint quality. One of important indicators to evaluate coatings hardness is scratch resistance.
ISO 1518聽銆奝aints and varnishes — Determination of scratch resistance銆媠pecifies a test method for determining under defined conditions the resistance of a single coating or a multi-coat system of paint, varnish or related product to penetration by scratching with a scratch stylus loaded witha specified load. Penetration of the stylus is to the substrate, except in the case of a multi-coat system, in which case the stylus can penetrate either to the substrate or to an inter mediate coat.

Main Technical Parameters锛毬

Ordering information 鈫

Technical Parameter 鈫

Conform standards ISO 1518-1

BS 3900锛欵2

ISO 1518-2
Stylus 1.Having a hemispherical hard-metal tip of radius 0.25mm or 0.5mm

2.Having a hemispherical synthetic-ruby of radius 0.25mm or 0.5mm

Coned sapphire or diamond, the tip radius is 0.03mm
Angle between stylus and sample 90掳 90掳
Weight Constant-loading

锛0g锝50g聽or 0g锝100g聽or 0g锝200g锛

Motor 60W聽 220V聽 50HZ
Sytlus Moving Speed 锛35卤5锛塵m/s 锛10卤2锛壜爉m/s
Working Distance 120mm 100mm
Max. Panel Size 200mm脳100mm
Max. Panle Thickness Less than 1mm Less than 12mm
Overall Size 500脳260脳380mm 500脳260脳340mm
Net Weight 17 KG 17.5KG