LR-O002 Intelligent Open Flash Point Tester

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This instrument is used to determine the value of the oil product.Chinese operation interface, LCD touch keyboard,

The wizard menu can adjust the heating rate at will, Chinese printing, (optional) 232 computer management interface.

Standard: GB/t261-2008 (optional iso22719-2002)

Instrument features:

Using the split assembly structure;

Automatic correction of atmospheric pressure and calculation of correction;

Equipped with intelligent clock display;

Open cover, ignition, detection, air cooling automatic completion;

Records of 100 test results can be queried and printed;

Independent flash point workstation (optional)

Technical parameters:

Measuring range: at room temperature to 300 ℃

Resolution: 0.1 ℃

Test source: petroleum liquid gas/or butane gas;

Repeatability: flash point value repetitive < 4 ℃ 110 ℃ > flash point repetitive < < 110 ℃, 2 ℃

Using the environment (temperature) 10 ~ 30 ℃, relative humidity) is less than 80% RH

Power: 500 w

Power supply voltage: AC220V plus or minus 10%

Frequency ratio: 50 hz plus or minus 5%

Appearance size: 300mm*300mm*360mm