LR-O005  Intelligent Closed Flash Point Tester

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interface, color LCD touch keyboard, wizard-driven menus adjustable heating rate, in print in English, (optional) 232 computer management interface, the Model instrument as the company exports instrument.
Standard: GB/T261-2008 (optional the ISO22719-2002)
Instrument features:
Portable compressor body, closed dust movement, cable routing;
Warming with the experimental curve function of time;
Automatically corrected atmospheric effects and to calculate the correction value;
With intelligent clock display;
Opening the lid, ignition, detection, auto-complete air-cooled;
44mm paper dot matrix printer, and print the results can be stored for long periods;
100 test results record query and print;
Independent flash point workstation (optional).
Technical parameters:
Measuring range: room temperature ~ 300 ℃
Resolution: 0.1 ℃
Test fire source: liquefied petroleum gas and / or butane gas;
Measurement repeatability: flash point values​​> 110 ℃ Repeatability <4 ℃ Flash point <110 ℃ Repeatability <2 ℃
The use of the environment: ambient temperature 10 to 30 ° C (relative humidity) is less than 80% RH
Power: 520W
Power supply voltage: AC220V ± 10%
Frequency: 50Hz ± 5%
Dimensions: 380mm * 330mm * 360mm
Weight: 16kg