LR-SP1102 Profilometer

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Measure principle

The measuring principle of this instrument is the rectangular coordinate measuring method,through X-axis, Z-axis sensor, mapping the surface contour coordinates point of the part under test,data transmission the coordinates point to the upper PC by electrical components.To do the mathematical treatment on the original collected coordinate data by software, marked with the required engineering survey projects.

Technical data:

Item Parameter
Measurement range


X axis 100mm
Z1 axis 15mm
Column (Z-axis ) 320mm
Straightness   1渭m/50mm
Indication accuracy X axis 卤锛3+0.02L)渭m
Z1 axis 卤锛2.5+|0.15H|)渭m
Detection method X axis RENISHAW grating sensor聽/ 0.2渭m
Z1 axis RENISHAW grating sensor聽/ 0.05渭m
Driven speed X axis 4聽grade, speed is adjustable
Column (Z-axis ) 4聽grade, speed is adjustable
Measurement Speed   0.1锛0.2,0.5,1mm/s
Accessories Probe 25渭m聽hard metal alloy聽needle tip

Spec锛17掳uniplanar 聽聽脴2*18

Rise angle锛72掳

Drop angle锛88掳

Measuring pole Diam 6mm
Adjust table 锛孤燿irection聽adjustable, Turn Angle聽adjustable
Precision sine flat pliers Plier width聽聽聽聽50

Plier depth聽聽聽聽25

Opening degree 聽聽聽60

Adjustable angle聽聽0-45


Measuring function

Size: contains the horizontal distance, vertical distance, linear distance, radius and diameter

Angle: horizontal Angle and vertical Angle, Angle

Position tolerance: contains the parallelism and perpendicularity

Shape tolerance: contains the straightness, crown, circular arc profile

Auxiliary generation: contains the auxiliary point, auxiliary line, auxiliary circle

Technical characteristics:

  1. X, Z1 adopt imported grating sensor, measurement range, high precision and reproducibility and stability;
  2. Design in a wide range, leverage ratio is 1:2. 2, the maximum keep the original precision of the sensor;
  3. High rigidity, high precision linear motion guide rail, high precision digital linear sensor;
  4. Using high speed parallel data acquisition unit, high-speed sampling hardware trigger, hardware, without delay. Dense and stable source provide the most powerful guarantee for later data processing, calculation.
  5. Z1 shaft sensor, the overall structure without any elastic element, to ensure that no matter measuring needle in any position, the load are constant.

Software Features:

  1. Software support XP銆亀in7銆亀in8 system.
  2. Software support Chinese and English language.
  3. Automatic identification of circular arc, the line.
  4. Fitting choice click or marquee.
  5. Support continuous annotation and datum mark, support any insertion point.
  6. Software add shortcuts, easy to use.
  7. Software similarly marked with CAD.
  8. Original data automatically saved, facilitate multiple labels.
  9. Measurement graphic results can be transferred into DXF format; Measurement results can be output in EXECL form format.
  10. The mirror function, can save after standard file.
  11. Can monitor the current position of the Z1, X axis.
  12. Measuring length can be set freely.
  13. Needle automatic contact, automatic lift, automatic back.
  14. The operation can be unlimited undo and restore.
  15. Support the freedom of graphic rotation and coordinate rotation.
  16. Support the coordinate points label.
  17. Support pack up the menu and control operation, to enlarge the drawing effective area.
  18. With capture switch, while capture switch is opened, automatically generated and capture the intersection point, circle, line midpoint, endpoint, circular intersection, midpoint, point of tangency feature points, etc.
  19. Can close unnecessary feature points at feature points capture zone , convenient for the user according to the independent choice