LR-WAW-1000D Microcomputer control electro hydraulic servo universal testing machine

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The main engine is four columns, two bars, oil cylinder, and the stretch space is above the host, and the compression and bending test space is between the lower beam of the host and the table.Data measurement and control system with high precision A/D converter, respectively for force, displacement and deformation data collection, with high measurement precision, good reliability, satisfy the standard of GB, ISO, ASTM, etc for metal tensile, compression, bending, shear test requirement.

Max force锛坘N锛 1000
Measure Force Range 2%-100%
Test force relative error value 锛 The value for 卤1%
Test force resolution Max load 1/300000
Deformation relative error value 锛 The value for 卤1%
Deformation of the resolution The biggest deformation 1/300000
The largest tensile test space锛坢m锛 600
Compression space锛坢m锛 500
The piston stroke(mm) 200
Column spacing锛坢m锛 585
Circular specimen clamping range锛坢m锛 桅6-桅40
The specimen thickness clamping锛坢m锛 0-30
Flat specimen clamping width锛坢m锛 75
The pressure plate size锛坢m锛 蠁160mm
Bend the fulcrum maximum distance between two points锛坢m锛 300
Bending roll width锛坢m锛 140
The clamping way Hydraulic clamping
The host dimension锛坢m锛 900*710*2300
The oil source console size锛坢m锛 1100*750*1000
Motor total power锛坘W锛 2
Weight锛坘g锛 2850