VMS Video measuring Machine

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A high configuration,low price measuring equipment,based on two-dimensional coordinate measurement,including points,lines,circles,arcs,rectangles and other geometric elements and parts of the length,angle,contour shape,surface shape,etc.Also do three-dimensional auxiliary measurement,such as the height of the steps,hole depth,surface flatness.and so on.Widly used in machinery,electronic,

plastics,hardware and other industries.

Product Features

1.High precision and high strength machine:00  marble base/upright column/worktable,high precision and good stability.

2.XYZ three axis imported precision V type guide rail/imported optic axis drive system,long service life,good stablity.

3.High precision grating ruler 0.5 μm.

4.WM continuous zoom optical lens,different frames,different magnification,without zoom correction.

5.HD Japanese SONY CCD camera,high quality measuring screen.

6.Auxiliary focusing measurement,optical measuring altitude and flatness,and can be equipped with the British RENISHAW contact probe.

7.Surface light,LED profile light,Coaxial light.Choose match programmable three ring eight area light.

8.The laser pointer indicates the position of measuring,rapid positioning and conenient measurement.

9.Can match foot switch,easy to operate at any place.

10.Provide a wide range of models:such as VMS-2010,VMS-3020,VMS-4030,VMS-5040.


Technical Specification

Model VMS-2010F VMS-3020F VMS-4030F VMS-5040F
Worktable Metal table’s size(mm) 350*220 450*350 550*450 700*600
Glass table’s size(mm) 230*130 330*230 430*330 530*430
Three axis travel Travel(mm) 200*100 300*200 400*300 500*400
Weight(kg) 170 260 300 500
Dimension(L)*(W)*(H)   500*700*1100 600*750*1100 700*900*1150 850*1050*1200
Measuring System

(Standard Accessories)

Camera :SONY1 / 3″ Color CCD Camera
Lens magnification :0.7~4.5X       WD:95mm
Total magnification:30~230X        Object view:7~1.1mm
Double Cross Line Generator

Data Resolution:0.001mm

Z-axis lifting travel (mm):150mm (AUTO FOCUS)

The indication error of X,Y-axis ≤(3+L/200)µm (L be regarded as measured length, units: mm)

Lighting: Surface light and transmission light are used LED, brightness adjustable  Power:220/110V(AC),50HZ 30W