DONGGUAN LONROY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is professional in supplying kinds of test machines for different industries(Plastic,rubber,packaging,paint coating,printing ink,metal,fabric,textile,leather, food.lubricating oil,electronic….)

We mainly have these test machines,universal tensile testing machine,melt flow index tester,IZOD charpy impact tester,vicat tester,UV aging tester,temperature humdity chamber,drying oven,ink proofers for offset,gravure,flexo,contact angle meter,automatic scratch tester,automatic coating machine,wet scrub abrasion tester,thermogravimetric analyzer,flammability tester,box compression tester,image measuring machine,profile projector,flash point tester,densimeter,moisture meter,hardness meter,gloss meter,thickness meter,spectrophotometer,gloss meter……

Have different size tensile tester,test force range from 20N,100N,200N,5KN,10KN,20KN,50KN,100kN,200KN.Hydraulic universal testing machine test force range from 300KN,600KN,1000KN.Can do tensile,compression,friction,tear,flexural,puncture,shear,peel test….with different test fixtures.

Designed for ASTM,ISO test standard for plastic industry,have a set of test instrument for plastic industry,such as melt flow index tester,izod impact tester,vicat tester,tensile tester,ash oven,humidity chamber,aging tester,moisture meter,densimeter.

We can supply most test instruments for paint coating instruments,such as automatic scratch tester,wet scrub abrasion tester,automatic film applicator,lab coater,pull off adhesion tester,grid gauge,cross hatch cutter,drying tiime recorder,MFFT tester,colorimeter,gloss meter………

We can suppy offset,gravure,flexo ink proofer for printing ink industry,and also can provide ink mixer,UV curing machine,LED UV curing machine for normal ink and UV ink.Can customize the anolix roller as customer need.

Have temperature humidity chamber,industrial oven,UV weather aging tester,muffle furnace,vacuum oven,ozone chamber,rain test chamber,dust chamber,salt spray tester…..

Have different size of gonoimeter,have automatic and manual drip model,automatic tilt,dynamic contact angle tester,can test contact angle and surface tension energy……

Have kinds of test machine for packaging industry,such as tensile tester,cof tester,tear strength tester,bursting strength tester,ring crush tester,drop tester,transport vibration tester………

Vibration meter,colorimeter,spectrophotometer,gloss meter,durometer,hardness tester,thickness meter,surface roughness tester,water activity meter,viscometer,densimeter,moisture meter,balance scale,densimeter…….


Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

Hydraulic UTM do tensile, compression, bending and shearing tests of metal,non-metal materials,measure the tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, elastic modulus of metal materials. Test results can be output(force-displacement, force-deformation, stress-displacement, stress-deformation, force-time, deformation-time). 

Profile Projector

CPJ-3000 digital profile projector is compact in structure, simple and beautiful in appearance, economical and practical, and reliable. It can effectively measure and compare workpieces directly, such as stamping parts, gears, threads, tools, etc.It is widely used in machinery manufacturing, electronics, moulds, instruments and clocks and other industries.

Flexo Ink Proofer

Flexo ink proofer can be coated, solid color, dot pattern proofing.Used for  monochrome proofing (such as color matching, testing, etc.)Plate thickness: USA Dupont 1.14mm thick resin plate   back glue 0.38mm Lines number of ceramic roller: standard one 600LPI (or 70-1200 lines)  BCM:1.6-5.3  Applicable ink: flexographic waterborne, UV ink, lithography, relief ordinary or UV ink

Contact Angle Tester

Contact Angle measurement instrument use the principle of optical imaging, image contour analysis way to measure the surface contact Angle, wettability, interfacial tension of table, surface energy, such as performance, equipment cost-effective, comprehensive functions, and can meet the demand of conventional measurement, has been widely used in many colleges and universities institutes and enterprises.

Our Team

DONGGUAN LONROY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is professional in manufacturing and selling kinds of test equipments with high technology and high accuracy,located in China manufacturing centre-Dongguan.

Products are covered more than 50 industries and related many test machines.Products are exported to more than 50 countries,can provide English language machine and operate manual and videos,can do after service online.

Familiar with international trade processes and provide complete foreign trade services to customers.Always taking “providing accurate precision delicate testing instruments to customers, improve product value for customers, to provide staff development and rising space. Professional, focused, focused on testing industry, achieve win-win-win!”as the company’s mission and values.

Our Labs Warehouse&Packaging

Our labs exhibit many test machines,welcome customers to visit and send us test sample to test to get test report.You send me samples and test requirement,We can do free tests for you.

Most machines we have in stock,can ship out within 7 working days.We will inspect and calibrate well before delivery.Can send you photos and working video before delivery,make sure our machine 100% good condition when delivery.

Packaging:First,dust proof membrane.Second,White bubble film.Finally,Plywood box reinforce.We use plywood,not wood log.No need fumigation.This kind package is safe and strong,can make sure machine will not be damaged during transportation.

Why Choose Us

We provide you high quality and effective equipment for you, we always here to support your business.

  • Decade experience in the industry provide you full line solution
  • Professional engineer team ensure give you the best condition machines.
  • One-stop machines supplier, control and reduce cost is our first task.
  • We have over 10 years of export to worldwide,100%ensure safe and on-time shipment to all over the world
  • Can support online order,online training service,support your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our test machine is designed by ASTM,ISO,IEC test standard,you can study what standard you need,and choose which suitable machine.If you do not know what you need,you can consult us,we can suggest you as our experience.

You can issue order the PO to process order.

Small order we support alibaba online order,you can pay with TT,Credit card,paypal,western union…..

Bigger order we can send you the proforma invoice to make payment via TT.

We can arrange the shipping to customer address.

Small goods we can ship by DHL,FEDEX,TNT,UPS,DAP trade terms,door to door service.

Big goods we can ship by sea to customer local seaport,CIF terms.

We also can do DAP,DDP trade terms,if customer first time to import,can consult us how to import.

Warranty 1 year free.Here in Dongguan we support after sales service directly.We can send you the operate video to teach you how to install and operate.Can use teamviewer to check and solve problem of the software of machine,if hardware has problem,we can send you spare parts to replace,can tell you or send you video how to replace.

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