7384-1986 Artificial Atmospheric Corrosion Tests – General Requirements

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International standard ISO 7384 was developed by Technical Committee ISO/TC 156, Corrosion of Metals and Alloys.

Users should note that, unless otherwise noted, all international standards are revised from time to time, and unless otherwise noted, any reference herein to any other international standard is meant to be the latest version.

7384-1986 Artificial Atmospheric Corrosion Tests – General Requirements

1 Scope and domain of application
This standard specifies the general requirements for specimens, equipment and procedures for artificial atmospheric corrosion tests. It is applicable to metals and alloys with or without permanent or temporary corrosion protection.

The requirements set forth in this standard are intended to be applied to other international standards involving artificial atmosphere corrosion testing and accelerated test methods and construction of new chambers.

7384-1986 Artificial Atmospheric Corrosion Tests – General Requirements

2 Reference Materials
ISO 1456, Metallic coatings – Plating coatings of nickel and chromium.

ISO 1458, Metallic Coatings – Coatings for nickel plating.

ISO 1461, Metallic coatings – Hot dip galvanized coatings on ferrous metal products – Requirements.

– ISO 1462, Metallic coatings – Coatings other than base metal anodes – Accelerated corrosion testing – Method for evaluating results.

ISO 2081, Metallic coatings – Zinc plating coatings on iron or steel.

ISO 2082, Metallic coatings – Cadmium plating coatings on iron or steel.

ISO 3768, Neutral salt spray test for metallic coatings (NSS test).

– ISO 3769, Metallic coatings – acetate spray test (ASS test).

ISO 3770, Metallic coatings — Copper accelerated acetate spray test (CASS test).

ISO 4536, Metallic and non-organic coatings on metallic substrates – salt drop corrosion test (SD test).

– ISO 4540, metallic coatings – substrate cathode coatings – Rating of electroplated samples subjected to corrosion tests

ISO 4623, Paints and varnishes – filamentous corrosion testing of steels.

ISO 8407, Metals and alloys – Procedures for the removal of corrosion products from corrosion samples.

3 Definition
For the purposes of this international standard, the following definitions apply.

Corrosion tests in Artificial atmosphere: Laboratory tests performed in air with or without permanent or temporary corrosion protection for the presence of aggravating factors affecting the corrosion of metallic materials and alloys.

Note – Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres attempt to reproduce corrosion effects under working conditions, such as atmospheric or other environments.

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