About paper MIT folding tester

About paper MIT folding tester

The folding resistance is the index of the folding fatigue strength of paper and paperboard. It is used to show the ability of paper and paperboard to resist the reciprocating folding and is an important index to measure the mechanical properties of paper and paperboard.

All in the use of the need to often fold the paper, generally on its folding resistance requirements are more strict.For example, the carton carton requires a high folding resistance, otherwise it is easy to lead to damage in transit.In addition, there are certain requirements for the folding resistance of cultural printing paper such as tracing paper, writing paper, letchpress printing paper, book paper, packaging paper, etc., otherwise it is easy to cause the printed words and pictures to become blurred, affecting people’s perception, so these kinds of paper should have a high folding resistance.

 Double fold

The sample is folded backwards first, and then folded forward on the same folded printing, and the sample reciprocates a complete back and forth.

 Oldin endurance

The logarithm (base 10) of the number of double folds at fracture of the specimen when tested under standard tension.


Opposent of the mean bending strength.

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