Rubber tensile testing machine features

Rubber tensile testing machine features Rubber tensile testing machine mainly tests the physical characteristics of raw materials, finished products, semi-finished products, can do tensile test, pressure test, bending test, elongation, elongation, stress, strain and other test results and test data.Tensile testing machine can be matched with different fixtures, accessories, two point extender, load element for a variety of tests, can be stand-alone operation or connected to the computer control machine. Rubber tensile testing machine can analyze the results of the whole [...]

About paper MIT folding tester

About paper MIT folding tester The folding resistance is the index of the folding fatigue strength of paper and paperboard. It is used to show the ability of paper and paperboard to resist the reciprocating folding and is an important index to measure the mechanical properties of paper and paperboard. All in the use of the need to often fold the paper, generally on its folding resistance requirements are more strict.For example, the carton carton requires a high folding resistance, otherwise [...]

Dust test chamber can simulate the natural dust climate

Dust test chamber can simulate the destructive nature of dust and gas on the product, suitable for testing the sealing characteristics of the product casing, the key to the casing waterproof grade specification requirements of IP5X and IP6X2 level of experiment.Machinery and equipment with the cyclone dust vertical circulation system, the experiment with the dust can circulation system application, all duct chooses import advanced stainless steel plate making, duct bottom and conical bin socket connection, centrifugal fan into the [...]