Sand dust test chamber

Sand dust test chamber  Sand Dust test chamber  is also known as dustproof test box, suitable for all kinds of accessories and parts to do dustproof and dustproof test, test parts including lights, instruments, electrical dustproof sleeve, steering system, door lock, etc.The equipment is driven by a fan to blow a certain concentration of sand dust at a certain flow rate over the surface of the test samples, so as to evaluate the ability of these test samples (equipment) to defend [...]

Hot cold impact testing machine eight safety protection measures

Hot and cold impact testing machine eight safety protection measures Hot and cold impact testing machine although the application range is wide, but many enterprises are not willing to buy, because its price is relatively expensive, so once bought, we should pay attention to maintenance, the following points are introduced: Hot and cold impact testing machine safety protection measures: 1, hot and cold impact testing machine safe and reliable grounding protection device. 2, power supply undervoltage, lack of phase protection. 3, heater short circuit, [...]

Environmental test chamber terminology analysis

Environmental test chamber terminology analysis Volume of test equipment: refers to the actual volume of the space limited by the inner wall of the environmental test chamber, which is 80 liters, 100 liters, etc Working space: refers to the part of the environment test chamber that can keep the specified test conditions within the specified deviation range For example: you test how big electronic products, how much to put at one time, etc Stable state of the test chamber: refers to the state [...]

What is the working principle of xenon lamp aging test equipment?

What is the working principle of xenon lamp aging test equipment?   Xenon lamp aging test equipment is used to simulate weather conditions such as sunlight exposure, rain and dew condensation, to test the durability of materials in light and wet environment.Xenon lamp aging test equipment provides a simulated accelerated test material aging light and wet environment, can control the light intensity to achieve accelerated test test effect, the light intensity and different wavelengths will affect the performance stability of the [...]

Notes on precision balance

Notes on precision balance As we all know, the precision balance is a kind of precision electronic instrument, which is widely used in laboratory and medical fields.This electronic balance uses a higher precision sensor and more control chip, so it has higher precision and sensitivity than ordinary electronic balance.Although the precision balance has many advantages, it is easy to be interfered by external factors, electromagnetic and other factors, which will produce certain errors. So how can we improve the accuracy [...]

Determination of paper air permeability

Fundamentals The pressure difference method is used to place the pre-processed sample between the upper and lower measuring surfaces, and a constant pressure difference is formed on both sides of the sample.Under the action of pressure difference, the gas flows from the high pressure side through the sample to the low pressure side, and the permeability of the sample is calculated according to the area, pressure difference and flow through the sample. Definition of breathability Average air flow through paper and board [...]

Roughness gauges can be paired with several sensors

Roughness gauges can be paired with several sensors When we measure different workpieces, we will match different sensors for measurement.So how many sensors can roughness gauge be matched with?How many sensors are there?The following Xiaobian to answer   Sensors are divided into: 1. Standard sensors  Standard sensors use the most sensors, it can measure most of the plane, inclined plane, conical surface, inner hole, groove and other surface roughness, can be carried out hand-held measurement, in addition to the standard sensor, other sensors need [...]

What are the factors that affect the measurement accuracy of coating thickness gauge

Description of factors affecting measuring accuracy of coating thickness gauge A) Magnetic properties of the base metal Thickness measurement by magnetic method is affected by the change of the magnetic properties of the base metal (in practical application, the change of the magnetic properties of the low carbon steel can be considered to be slight). In order to avoid the influence of heat treatment and cold working factors, the standard sheet with the same properties as the sample base metal should [...]

Understand the principle and application of surface roughness instrument

Roughness instrument is also called surface roughness instrument, surface finish instrument, surface roughness detector, roughness measuring instrument, roughness meter, roughness tester and other names. It was first developed and produced abroad and then introduced into China. Roughness meter measuring the surface roughness of workpieces, put the sensors on the workpiece surface to be tested, by instrument internal drive mechanism drive the sensor do constant speed glide along the surface to be tested, sharp sensor through the built-in stylus feel the [...]

It is necessary to understand the technical principle of coating thickness gauge

Principle of magnetic suction measurement The amount of suction between the magnet (probe) and the magnetic steel is proportional to the distance between the two, which is the thickness of the coating.Using this principle to make a thickness gauge, as long as the difference between the magnetic conductivity of the coating and the substrate is large enough, it can be measured.Since most industrial products are made of structural steel and hot and cold rolled steel sheets, magnetic thickness gauges are [...]