Determination of paint covering power

1. The introduction

The covering power of coatings is one of the important parameters to evaluate the covering ability and quality of coatings. Covering power measure the paint coating on the bottom, ability to make the base color is no longer visible. This paper will introduce the measurement method of coating hiding power, and its related definition, purpose and significance.

2. Definition, purpose and significance

The hiding power of paint can be expressed in two ways: one is to determine the minimum amount of paint required per unit area, expressed in grams/square meters; The second is the minimum wet film thickness required to cover the bottom, expressed in microns. Paint covering power depends on the degree of scattering and absorption of paint, and paint and paint the difference between the refractive index. The size and dispersion of pigment particles will also affect the ability of the coating to cover. The coating with high hiding power can be painted more areas under the same construction conditions.

Determination of paint covering power

3. The key points of inspection method is introduced

GB/T 1726 coating – determination of hiding power

Principle of testing

Apply the paint evenly and quickly on the glass plate with black and white intervals until the black and white grids are out of sight. Then weigh the amount of coating, covering power is obtained (in wet film and dry film).

Materials and equipment

Paint brush: 25 ~ 35 mm wide

Glass plate: 100 x100x1. 2 ~ 2 mm

Business is: the wooden x500x400 600 mm

Operating points

Brush coating method: according to the viscosity specified in the product standard, weigh out the total weight of the cup with paint and paint brush on the balance. Will the paint evenly on the glass, is placed within the camera obscura, watch to see black and white case to the end. Will paint glass and paint brush together weighing, calculate the weight of the paint on the black and white case board.

Spraying method: adjust the sample to the viscosity suitable for spraying, spray on the glass plate in layers, observe to see the black and white grid as the end point. Then wipe the paint off the back and edge of the glass plate. According to the provisions of the baking temperature drying to constant weight.

Determination of paint covering power

4. Application and significance

The determination of coating hiding power is of great significance in coating production and application:

Quality control: Hiding power is one of the key indicators to measure the quality of paint, which can ensure that the coating effect meets the requirements.

Construction effect: paint covering power directly affects the covering effect of the coating in the construction and appearance.

Product development: through the determination of hiding power, can optimize the coating formulation and production technology, improve product performance.

Determination of paint covering power

5. Conclusion

The determination methods of paint covering power is one of the important means of measuring coating performance. Through appropriate operation steps and equipment, the hiding power information of the coating can be accurately obtained, so as to guide the production and application of the coating. This is of great significance to ensure the quality of coating, improve the construction efficiency and meet the needs of customers.

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