Dispersion machine ordinary and explosion-proof type difference

The main difference between the ordinary and explosion-proof dispersers lies in their applicable environment and safety characteristics. Here are the main differences:

Safety standards: Explosion-proof dispersers are designed and manufactured according to specific safety standards and requirements to ensure safe operation in flammable or explosive environments. They need to meet the explosion proof standards such as ATEX (Europe) or NEC (North America) etc.

Explosion-proof design: explosion-proof dispersing machines have special explosion-proof design and construction to prevent the explosion caused by sparks, static electricity or high temperature. This includes the use of special explosion-proof electrics and materials, sealing improvements to prevent gas or dust from entering the equipment, and the use of explosion-proof motors and control equipment.

Applicable environment: The ordinary dispersing machine is suitable for general non-explosive environment, such as conventional laboratory or industrial production environment. The explosion-proof dispersing machine is suitable for the presence of flammable gas, vapor, liquid or dust potential explosion hazard environment, such as chemical factory, petroleum industry, pharmaceutical factory, etc.

Dispersion machine ordinary and explosion-proof type difference

Certification and identification: explosion-proof dispersing machines will usually obtain the appropriate explosion-proof certification and identification to prove that they meet the relevant safety standards and requirements. These marks may include explosion-proof marks, explosion-proof grades, protection grades, etc.

Cost and complexity: Because of their special design and construction, explosion-proof dispersers are usually more expensive than ordinary dispersers. In addition, installation, maintenance and operation of explosion-proof equipment may be more complex and require specific training and procedures.

In short, the ordinary dispersing machine is suitable for general non-explosive environment, while the explosion-proof dispersing machine is designed to meet the safety requirements in the presence of explosion risk environment. When choosing a distributor, you should determine the type required based on the actual application environment and security requirements. If you need to operate in flammable or explosive environments, please choose an explosion-proof disperser that meets the relevant explosion-proof standards.

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