Do you know ASTM G155 Xenon Lamp accelerated Aging Test?

ASTM G155 describes the general principles and operating procedures for xenon lamp devices used to expose non-metallic materials to conditions simulating outdoor weathering. This standard provides guidance for setting up, operating, and maintaining equipment and for conducting and evaluating exposure test results.

The practice covers several aspects of exposure testing, including the selection and preparation of test samples, the control of exposure parameters such as irradiance, temperature, and relative humidity, and the evaluation of test results, such as changes in the color, luster, and physical properties of the material being tested.

Do you know ASTM G155 Xenon Lamp accelerated Aging Test?

ASTM G155 specifies two different types of exposure cycles, called “continuous light exposure” and “Alternating light exposure and water spray” The choice of exposure cycles depends on the intended application of the material or coating under test.

The standard is used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, building and construction, and aerospace, to assess the durability and weather resistance of non-metallic materials such as plastics, paints and coatings. By subjecting test samples to simulated weathering conditions, the standard helps to assess the long-term performance of materials and coatings and provides valuable information for product development and quality control.

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