Dry goods: straw pulp large spindle paper test performance complete

Straw pulp spindle paper is a paper product made from straw pulp and other natural fiber raw materials. The product has high environmental protection and sustainability, is widely used in packaging, printing, manufacturing and other fields.

Detection performance
Testing the performance of straw pulp large-spindle paper can include the following aspects:

Strength and durability: These tests can measure the tensile strength, tearing strength, breaking strength, flexural strength and other parameters of the straw pulp large-spindle paper. These parameters can be used to measure the durability and load-bearing capacity of large spindle paper.

Burr rate: Detecting burr rate of straw pulp paper can evaluate its machinability during processing and printing. The lower the burr rate, the easier it is to operate in printing and processing, and also reduce the reject rate.

Printing quality: In the printing process of straw pulp large-axis paper, certain printing quality requirements need to be met, including color restoration degree, color difference, clarity and other indicators. These indicators can be tested by professional testing equipment.

Environmental protection index: The environmental protection performance of straw pulp large-axis paper is one of its main advantages, so it is necessary to test its environmental protection index. These indicators can include wastewater discharge, carbon dioxide emission, energy consumption, etc.

Sustainability: As a sustainable paper product, the production process of straw pulp large-spindle paper needs to consider the impact of resource utilization, waste disposal and other aspects. Therefore, sustainability assessment is also an important aspect to test its performance.

Humidity and moisture control: In order to maintain its stability and quality, it is necessary to have certain humidity and moisture control when using straw pulp large-spindle paper. Therefore, humidity and moisture control is also a common performance test.

Gloss: In some printing and packaging applications, the gloss of haystack large-spindle paper is an important indicator. The glossiness test can evaluate the surface smoothness and reflection ability of the large spindle paper.

Packaging efficiency: The packaging efficiency of straw pulp paper refers to the packaging efficiency in the process of production and transportation. This includes an assessment of packaging methods and design to ensure that the straw bulk paper can be packed and transported efficiently and without causing waste or damage.

Thermal stability: straw pulp large-spindle paper needs to have a certain thermal stability when used to prevent deformation or burning at high temperature. Therefore, thermal stability is also an important performance test.

Dry goods: straw pulp large spindle paper test performance complete

Detection method
Testing the performance of straw pulp large-spindle paper requires the use of some professional testing equipment and methods designed to simulate the mechanical and environmental conditions in actual use. The following are some common performance test methods of straw pulp large-spindle paper:

Strength and durability tests: These tests can be performed using equipment such as tensile testing machines, tear testing machines, and rupture testing machines. These devices can simulate the different mechanical effects of the large spindle paper in use, and measure their strength and durability.

Burr percentage test: Burr percentage test can be carried out by professional burr percentage tester. By simulating the shear force and friction force in the process of cutting, printing, processing and so on, the burr percentage of straw pulp paper can be evaluated.

Print quality test: Print quality test can be carried out with professional chromatic aberration meter, color restoration degree tester and other equipment to evaluate the color restoration degree, color difference, clarity and other indicators of straw pulp large-spindle paper.

Environmental protection index test: Environmental protection index test can be conducted by using relevant environmental testing instruments, such as wastewater discharge monitoring instruments, carbon dioxide emission monitoring instruments, etc., to evaluate the environmental performance of straw pulp large-spindle paper.

Sustainability assessment: Sustainability assessment can be carried out using life cycle assessment tools and carbon footprint analysis tools, etc., to assess the environmental impact and sustainability of the production, use and handling of straw pulp spindle paper.

In addition to the above test methods, there are several other possible test methods, depending on the performance metrics being tested. These testing methods should be carried out by professional laboratories or testing institutions, and relevant standards and regulations should be followed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results.

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