Dust test chamber can simulate the natural dust climate

Dust test chamber can simulate the destructive nature of dust and gas on the product, suitable for testing the sealing characteristics of the product casing, the key to the casing waterproof grade specification requirements of IP5X and IP6X2 level of experiment.Machinery and equipment with the cyclone dust vertical circulation system, the experiment with the dust can circulation system application, all duct chooses import advanced stainless steel plate making, duct bottom and conical bin socket connection, centrifugal fan into the vent duct joins immediately, then at the top of the moderation on the part of the individual studios spread out connecting personal studio, produce “O” type closed try vertical purging the respiratory system, make the cyclone can smooth liquidity, maximum make dust decentralization well-balanced.Each centrifugal fan with high power and low noise is selected, and frequency conversion governor must be used to adjust the wind force according to the experiment.

Dust test chamber is suitable for electrical and electronic products, car motor parts, hydraulic seals in sand and dust natural environment to avoid sand dust into the hydraulic seals and casing experiments.To test the application, storage and transportation characteristics of electrical and electronic products, cars, motor parts and hydraulic seals in sand and dust natural environment.The dust test chamber is useful for the evaluation of the weapon’s ability to withstand hazards of dust that are likely to clog openings, infiltrate gaps, clearances, rolling bearings and connectors, and is not reduced by damage hazards or clogging hazards caused by large sharp grains of sand at the edge.Used to comment on all mechanical equipment, electronic optics, electrical equipment, electronic devices, electromechanical engineering and photocatalytic equipment likely to be exposed to dry sand blowing, site dust air or dust removal standards.

Sand and dust test chamber, motor, low voltage electrical equipment, instrument panel and other products, all kinds of lighting lamps and lanterns, whole process in the storage, transport and efficacy are commonly suffer from the harm of sand dust environment, especially the automobile electrical appliances from the dangers of the sand dust more apparent, sand and dust test chamber is choose environmental simulation of sand dust environment, anti-fouling ability of experimental equipment to test sample.The basic structure, basic principles and characteristics of the machine and equipment, in addition to considering the relevant provisions in the national industry standard “test methods for sand and dust”, can also show the non-layer.The vertical circulating air flow with dust carrying is capable of observing the effect of applying dust in the circulating system.And the large dust carrying cyclone of its circulation system can smoothly change speed and start and stop automatic timing or continuous operation. It is an ideal sand experiment equipment.

The inner bladder of the dust test chamber is made of SUS304 stainless steel sheet, and the casing is galvanized steel plate with electrostatic powder spraying.There is a window at the entrance of the environmental test box. The total area of the electrical control system is under the entrance. The light calcium powder simulating sand dust is placed in the bin under the environmental test box.The light calcium powder is blown into the upper end of the individual studio according to the net with the 75μm round hole by the centrifugal fan of the circulating system and the automatic jar, so as to promote the production of high-density dust fog in the laboratory space, and carry out the experiment on the sample.Visible glass sliding door with dust scraper is conducive to observing the condition of the body of the environmental test box. At the bottom of the environmental test box, the high quality mobile PU theme movable wheel is selected. At the bottom of the environmental test box, there is smoke and dust removal equipment.


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