How to change the blade plate and stirring shaft of dispersing machine?

The replacement of the diffuser’s disc and stirring shaft may vary by device model and manufacturer. Here are the general steps:

Preparation: Ensure that the distributor has stopped and disconnected the power supply. Remove all relevant piping and connecting parts and clean the work area.

Disc removal: Depending on the design of the dispersion machine, it is usually necessary to remove the disc. You may need to use a tool, such as a wrench, to unscrew the nut or bolt holding the disk in place. Be careful not to damage the blade disk or adjacent parts.

Remove stirring shaft: In some dispersers, the stirring shaft can be removed directly from the leaf tray. Check for nuts or bolts holding the mixing shaft and unscrew using appropriate tools.

Install new disc and stirring shaft: Insert new disc and stirring shaft into proper position. Make sure they are properly aligned and use nuts or bolts to hold them in place.

Assemble other parts: reattach the distributor’s pipes and other related parts. Ensure all connections are secured and reinstall gaskets, bearings, etc., if necessary.

How to change the blade plate and stirring shaft of dispersing machine?

Testing and debugging: After reinstalling the blade disc and stirring shaft, restart the dispersing machine and conduct testing and debugging. Make sure the equipment is running smoothly and check for any anomalies or leaks.

Please note that the above steps provide general guidance only, and the exact steps may vary for different dispersion models and manufacturers. Therefore, before performing any repair or replacement work, consult the operating manual of the device and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. In addition, if you are not familiar with repair and maintenance operations for dispersing machines, consider consulting a technical professional or contacting the manufacturer for support and guidance.

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