Hydraulic disperser can not lift how to do?

If the hydraulic disperser does not rise or fall, it may be due to the following reasons:

Hydraulic system failure: Check the working state of the hydraulic system, including whether the hydraulic oil is enough, whether the hydraulic pump works normally, whether the hydraulic pipeline is blocked, etc. If a fault is found, the relevant parts of the hydraulic system need to be repaired or replaced.

Hydraulic valve failure: The lifting operation of the hydraulic disperser is usually controlled by the hydraulic valve. If the hydraulic valve is faulty, the normal lifting and lifting may not be possible. Check the working state of the hydraulic valve to ensure that the switch is flexible and the seal is normal. If the hydraulic valve needs to be repaired or replaced, contact the appropriate maintenance personnel.

Hydraulic cylinder problem: the lifting device of hydraulic dispersion machine usually includes hydraulic cylinder. If the hydraulic cylinder has oil leakage, poor seal and other problems, it can not lead to normal lifting and lowering. Check the working condition of the hydraulic cylinder to ensure that it is well sealed and does not leak oil. If necessary, the hydraulic cylinder can be repaired or replaced.

Hydraulic disperser can not lift how to do?

Electrical problems: the lifting operation of some hydraulic dispersers may be realized by the electrical control system. Check the working state of the electrical system, including whether the power supply is normal and whether the control line is well connected. If you find electrical problems, you can check the connection of electrical components or replace the faulty components.

If the specific cause cannot be determined or the problem cannot be solved, it is recommended to contact the supplier of the hydraulic disperser or relevant technical support personnel for further overhaul and repair. Before performing any repair or adjustment operations, ensure that appropriate safety measures are in place and that the relevant operating guidelines and procedures are followed.

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