ISO 14713-2-2019 Guidance and recommendations on corrosion protection of iron and steel in zinc coated structures – Part 2: Hot dip galvanizing

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ISO 14713-2-2019 Guidance and recommendations on corrosion protection of iron and steel in zinc coated structures – Part 2: Hot dip galvanizing

The second edition cancels and replaces the first edition (ISO 14713-2:2009), which has been technically revised. The main changes compared with the previous edition are as follows:

— Minor technical changes were made and two new comments were added in Table 1;

– Improved clarity of the recommendations in article 6;

— Substantial revisions to the figures in Appendix A;

— Tables A.1, A.2 and A.3 are added to Appendix A.

A list of all the parts in the ISO 14713 series can be found on the ISO website.

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ISO 14713-2-2019 Guidance and recommendations on corrosion protection of iron and steel in zinc coated structures – Part 2: Hot dip galvanizing

The protection of hot-dip galvanizing coating depends on the method of coating application, the design of the product and the specific environment to which the product is exposed. Hot-dip galvanized articles may be further protected by application of additional coatings (outside the scope of this document), such as organic coatings (paints or powder coatings). When applied to hot-dip galvanized products, this coating combination is often referred to as a “two-phase system”.

Specific product-related requirements that may exist for specific standards (for example, hot-dip galvanized coating on pipes or fasteners) take precedence over these general recommendations.

1 Scope of application
This document gives guidance and recommendations on general design principles applicable to hot-dip galvanized articles after manufacture (e.g., according to ISO 1461) in case of corrosion, e.g., Articles manufactured according to EN 1090- 2.

This document does not apply to hot-dip galvanized coatings applied to continuous wire or sheet (e.g. EN 10346).

2 Normative reference files
When the following documents are referenced in the context, part or all of them constitute the requirements of this document. For dated references, citation-only versions apply. For undated citations, the most recent version of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.

ISO 8044, Corrosion of metals and alloys – Basic terms and definitions

3 Terms and Definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO 8044 and below apply.

ISO and IEC maintain databases of terms for standardization at the following addresses:

– ISO online browsing platform:

— IEC Electropedia: available at

3.1 Hot Dip Galvanizing

A zinc and/or zinc-iron alloy coating is formed on steel products by dipping prepared steel or cast iron into a zinc melt

3.2 Hot dip galvanized coating

Coatings obtained by hot-dip galvanizing (3.1)

Note 1 The term “hot dip galvanizing coating” is hereinafter referred to as “coating”.

3.3 Duplex System

Hot-dip galvanized coating (3.2) with additional paint or powder coating

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