ISO 4630-2015 “Estimating Color by Gardner Color Scale”

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ISO 4630 Developed by Technical Committee ISO/TC 35, Paints and Varnishes, Subcommittee SC 10, Methods for Testing Paint and Varnishes Adhesives, in collaboration with ASTM D 01.34, Navy Shop. It has been harmonized with ASTM D 1544-04, Standard Test Method for Color of Clear Liquids (Gardner Color Scale), and ASTM D 6166-12, Standard Test Method for Color of Naval Warehouses and Associated Products (Gardner Instrumental Determination of Color).

ISO 4630-2015 “Estimating Color by Gardner Color Scale”

The third edition of ISO 4630 cancels and replaces the technically revised versions of ISO 4630-1:2004 and ISO 4630-2:2004. The main changes are:

a) The two standards have been merged into one standard;

b) Spectrophotometry (previously described in ISO 4630-2:2004) is currently the only standardized method;

c) The visual comparison of the original colour (previously described in ISO 4630-1:2004) has been removed and the manufacturing instructions for the original Gardner colour standard have been moved to Appendix A.

1 range
This international standard specifies a method for estimating the color of optically transparent, yellow/brown liquid products by Gardner color scale using a color measuring instrument. The method uses the Gardner color scale described in Appendix A.

Suitable for fatty acids, polymeric fatty acids, resins, tual oils, tual oils, tual fatty acids, rosin and related products of drying oils, varnishes and solutions. If other products are tested, the results may not be valid.

The method described provides a more accurate measurement of Gardner’s color than visual sample comparisons using the human eye. It is suitable for products in color from Gardner 1 to Gardner 18. The Gardner scale does not apply to products darker than 18. For products lighter in color than Gardner 1, the method specified in ISO 6271 applies.

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