Key performance of building waterproof coating and its detection method

Architectural waterproofing coatings are coatings that are applied to the surfaces of buildings to improve their waterproofing properties and are usually composed of polymers, pigments, and additives. They can be applied to waterproof layers of various buildings, such as roofs, walls, basements, and water tanks, among others. With excellent water resistance, weather resistance, and UV resistance, architectural waterproofing coatings can protect buildings from water, moisture, and UV damage and improve the service life and reliability of buildings.

Performance of detection

Name of performanceEquipment to be used
Thickness of thicknessThickness gauge
Strength of tensionTensile testing machine
Elongation at breakTensile testing machine
Water resistanceWater circulation plant
Resistance to weatherUltraviolet aging test chamber
Uv resistanceUltraviolet aging test chamber
Strength of bondShear strength tester
Coefficient of expansionThermal expansion coefficient tester

Key performance of building waterproof coating and its detection method

Testing steps:
Thickness: Use a thickness gauge to measure the thickness of the building waterproof coating, record the measured value and calculate the average value.

Tensile strength and elongation at break: tensile tests were carried out using a tensile testing machine, test data were recorded and tensile strength and elongation at break were calculated.

Water resistance: A water circulation device is used to place the building waterproof paint in water, record the time and observe the change of the coating.

Weather resistance and UV resistance: Using UV aging test chamber to simulate solar radiation and atmospheric environment, observe the change of building waterproof coating.

Bond strength: Shear tests were performed using a shear strength tester, test data were recorded and bond strength was calculated.

Expansion coefficient: The thermal expansion coefficient tester was used to measure the expansion coefficient of the building waterproof coating, and the measured value was recorded and the average value was calculated.

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