Key properties and testing methods of casting coatings

Casting coating is a kind of special coating applied in casting process. It is mainly used for coating the surface of casting mold to protect the mold, adjust the surface quality of casting parts and improve the casting process. Casting coating has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and is widely used in the casting production of automobile, machinery, electronics and other industries.

Performance nameInstrument and equipment
Rheological propertyrheometer
Solid contentoven
Drying timeRoom temperature timing
Heat resistanceThermogravimetric analyzer
Corrosion resistanceCorrosion tester

Key properties and testing methods of casting coatings

Viscosity test: Pour the coating into the measuring cup with the viscometer to measure its motion resistance. Select the corresponding measuring conditions according to different viscometer models and paint types for testing.

Rheological testing: The rheometer is used to test the dynamic rheological properties of coatings, understand their rheological properties and rheological laws, and select the appropriate rheometer testing conditions according to different types and application scenarios of coatings.

Solid content detection: Paint is coated on a well-weighed drying pan, put in the oven, dry at a certain temperature and time, weigh the weight of the drying pan and paint, and calculate the solid content of the paint.

Drying time detection: Paint evenly on the test board, placed at room temperature for natural drying, according to the different types and thickness of the coating to determine the different drying time, use room temperature timer to record the drying time.

Heat resistance test: The thermogravimetric analyzer is used to heat the paint at high temperature to understand its thermal stability and heat resistance, and the corresponding test conditions are selected according to different paint types and application scenarios.

Corrosion resistance detection: Use the corrosion tester to carry out corrosion test on the coating, understand its corrosion resistance, and select the corresponding test conditions according to different corrosion test methods and coating types.

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