Learn About Use of Offset,UV Ink Proofer

Ink proofer is also called show color machine, ink chromatograph machine, colour modulation instrument, is a kind of analog printing ink color in the state of the fitnessmeter.Ink proofer has automatic and semi-automatic and other types.The Offset/UV ink proofer can effectively shorten the time of color matching, reduce the cost of proofing, and quickly determine whether the ink to meet the printing needs.Printing proofer simulates the working principle of printing machine, with adjustable pressure and wide range of substrate, it can accurately predict the color phase of printing ink, and the time required for one color display is 2min.It is also easy to clean, saving paper, ink, water and electricity when printing.At the same time, it avoids the long time occupied by the printing machine due to color matching, and effectively improves the production efficiency of the printing machine.

Before the use of the color display instrument needs to be prepared: roller cleaning fluid, cotton, small ink knife, substrate, quantifier, ink to be measured.

1. Before color display, clean chromium-roller and rubber roller of the color display device with cotton dip and appropriate amount of cleaning liquid.

2. Take the ink with the quantifier and evenly apply the ink on the color display part of the cots.

3. Fix the substrate on the color indicator.

4. Turn on the switch and let the color indicator grind the ink evenly on the cots.

5. Click the color display button to start proofing.

6. Take excellent strips and measure them after drying.

7. Clean the color indicator.

Ink Proof Machine  has seven functions through analog printing:

1, spot color proofing

Multi-stage Printing proofer  can print different color strips at the same time or the same ink strip with different ink layer thickness, and can also print new and old inks on the same printing material for comparison, providing efficient color contrast.

2, four color ink detection

Can detect the ink hue, luster, color concentration;From the control of ink raw material quality, so as to control the quality of printing products.

3. For customers’ pre-press spot color approval

Simple color bar can be made for prepress approval or archiving.

4.Detection of discoloration degree of dry and wet ink

Color display machine display the required spot color ink color strip, natural dry spot color dry phase.(for example: purple, dark blue dry will become red phenomenon, can be eliminated before printing.)

5. use with ink quantifier

6. Data-based management

Cooperate with the spectrodensitometer for color detection, and the data report of color bar can be measured (Lab value).

7. Cooperate with relevant instruments

Can predict ink wear resistance, fading, transfer and light resistance and heat resistance.

Traditional spot color treatment with ink Proofer:

It is difficult to develop color by hand, and the error is large. After being put on the printing machine, it needs to be adjusted repeatedly, which consumes a lot of production time and materials of printing equipment.Some materials can not hand color;On a printing press, it is difficult to control when the ink dries for too long.There are different paper, color difference;Small quantity, difficult to order, long time, expensive and other adverse factors.

Significance of using ink proof machine

Solve color matching and improve printing quality

Shorten opening time and improve production efficiency

Reduce material loss and production cost

Meet printing requirements, availability and requirements

The use of ink display can increase profits for enterprises, and production management more smoothly

Using ink proofer can reduce working pressure for the production staff, improve the accuracy of color matching, work better, more relaxed.

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