Marking test for paint and varnish film (GB/T 9286)

The wear resistance of the paint film refers to the difficulty of the paint film falling off under the action of a certain friction force. This is an important parameter to evaluate the wear resistance and durability of the coating. According to the national standard GB4893.8 “Furniture surface paint film wear resistance determination method”, the determination method of paint film wear resistance is as follows:

1. Equipment and materials:

The use of a paint film abrasion meter, such as the JM-1 type, can also be used with other equivalent abrasion meters.

Grinding wheel dresser, rubber grinding wheel (JM-120), thickness 10mm, diameter 50mm.

Vacuum cleaner, balance (division value 0.001g), etc.

Marking test for paint and varnish film (GB/T 9286)

2. Test steps:

Drill a hole with a diameter of 8.5mm into the sample and take a round plate with a diameter of 100mm as the sample.

The sample is fixed on the abrasion meter, a 1000g weight is added to the pressure arm, and the trimmed rubber grinding wheel is installed. Add a balance weight equal to the weight of the grinding wheel at the end of the arm.

Lower the pressure arm and turn on the power switch, vacuum switch and turntable switch. To start sanding, first sanding 50 turns to make the surface of the paint film evenly wear to form a ring. If it is found that the wear is not uniform, the sample should be replaced in time.

The sample is taken out and accurately weighed after removing the floating debris. The quality difference before and after the sample is the quality lost by the paint film.

Marking test for paint and varnish film (GB/T 9286)

According to the requirements of the agreement, adjust the counter to the specified number of grinding (minus the previous 50 times) and continue to sand. At the end of the test, the wear condition of the paint film surface was observed.

Perform parallel tests, testing at least three samples. You can choose to carry out different number of laps of grinding test, such as 400, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 laps, the specific number of laps according to the actual needs of the negotiation.

By testing the wear resistance of the paint film, the performance and durability of the coating can be assessed when subjected to wear. This helps to determine the service life and properties of the coating, providing information about the quality of the coating for the use of the product.

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