Principle and application of melt index test instrument

Principle of melt index test equipment

Melt flow rate meter is used to make the measured substance reach the melting state by high temperature heating furnace under the specified temperature condition.In this molten state, the test object is extruded through a hole of a certain diameter under the gravity of the specified weight load.In the research of plastic production and scientific research institutions of industrial enterprises, “melt (mass) flow rate” is often used to express the physical properties of polymer materials such as fluidity and viscosity in the melting state.

Melt flow rate means that the average mass of the extruded samples in each section is converted into the extruded amount in 10 minutes.Melt (mass) flow rates are expressed in MFR units: g /10.

Melt flow index tester is programmed by the microprocessor according to the standard test procedure.After packing, the temperature can be quickly restored.English display, automatic timing, automatic cutting, automatic calculation, automatic printing and other functions.

Use method of melt index instrument

1. Turn on the power

2. Press the “parameter” button to set the temperature, time and times;Temperature, time for three digits + a decimal places, such as 380.0 ℃, set each parameter press the return key.(PEEK test generally is 380 ℃, the specific time according to the records of material check before, as far as possible and the previous test in the same time, the length of the spline is improper, can adjust time)

3. Press the “temperature control” button, and the system will automatically heat up. When the temperature rises to the set temperature, a buzzer will sound.

4. Fill the material with the cylinder, and then press the “9” button to press the “9” button, which represents 4 minutes. At the end of 4 minutes, there will be a prompt sound.

5. Add corresponding weights.(the commonly used ones are 10Kg and 2.16kg;PEEK typically USES 10Kg.

6. Press the “pre-cut” button, which only cuts once.

7. Press the “measure” button, and the instrument will automatically cut the material according to the set times.

8. Clean the machine after the test.

9. Calculation results: the average weight of the spline is m, and the set time is t. The melting index is m*600/t

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