Paint,Coating Tester

  • LR-G015 Ford Cup

  • LR-G014 Laboratory high shear emulsifying machine

    Laboratory high shear emulsifying machine mixing, grinding, dispersion, dissolution, emulsification, homogeneous at an organic whole, is suitable for the laboratory of low, medium and high viscosity liquid and liquid, liquid and solid of emulsification and small batch processing.It has simple operation, convenient maintenance, high efficiency, etc, are widely used in paint, pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, etc.

  • LR-G013 RCA tape friction tester

  • LR-G012 Paint Film Impact Tester

  • LR-G010 Hand Proofer

    Hand Proofer

    Each includes the anilox roll,rubber roll and a spring-adjustable mechanically engraved anilox roll.

  • LR-G008 HGQ Cross Hatch Cutter

    Complies with BS 3900;E6, ASTM D 3359, BS/DIN EN ISO 2409.

    This cutter is used for determining the parallel groove adhesion of one or many coating layers on a substrate, generally a metal panel. Cutter are available in 2 different blade versions, one is a multi-cut blade with 6 cutting edges, another has one cutting edge. The Cross-Cut Tester blades are made of hardened steel alloy. The blades are designed for retaining a sharp cutting edge and reduce the frequency of blade replacement.

  • LR-G007 T bar folder

    Mainly for the colored steel, aluminum bending performance testing, such as compact structure, appearance is concise, easy to use.

  • LR-G006 Auto Cupping Tester

  • LR-G005 Impact Tester

    Comes complete with ISO 6272-1,ASTM D 2794.

    Used for testing impact resistance of coatings on metal sub- strates.

    In accordance with ISO standard, the test panel is fixed on the die using a clamping device, so that the panel surface outside the test area is not affected by the rapid deformation  caused by the falling weight.

  • LR-G004 Cylindrical Mandrel Tester

    Cylindrical Mandrel Tester

    Bending coated sheet metal over a defined radius

    is an indicator of the elongation and adhesion of a paint film at bending stress.

  • LR-G003 Conical Mandrel Tester

    Conical Mandrel Tester

    The varying mandrel diameter (3.2 mm – 38.1 mm) stretches a coating

    through a gradient of distension, allowing precise determination of adhesion characteristics.

    • Panels up to 20 cm and 1.6 mm thickness can be tested
    • Durable sturdy stainless steel mandrel
  • LR-G002 Pencil Hardness Tester

  • LR-G001 Autoatic Scratch Tester

    Complies with BS 3900;E2, DIN EN ISO 1518.

    Coating performance is related to many factors that include the hardness of the coating with other physical properties such as adhesion, lubricity, resilience etc., as well as the influence of coating thickness and curing conditions.

    It is a quantifiable indication of the extent to which serious damage is resisted when a loaded needle is raked across a relatively smooth, flat surface.

    The scratch tester is designed to meet the scratch test requirements described in method of Test for Paints BS 3900 Part E2 / ISO 1518 1992, BS 6497 (when used with 4kg), and may be adapted to suit other specifications such as ASTM D 5178 1991 Mar resistance of Organic Coatings and ECCA- T11 (1985) Metal Marking Resistance Test.