LR-1000  meat strain hydraulic tester 

Product Introduction

LR-1000 type meat strain hydraulic tester (muscle water loss rate tester) is meat products water compression performance testing special instrument.It is a new type of instrument developed by our company. The instrument adopts advanced components, supporting parts and single chip microcomputer at home and abroad to carry out reasonable structural design.With various parameters testing, conversion, adjustment, display and other functions.Water power is an important character of meat quality, which directly affects the yield of meat processing and the tenderness of muscle.The level of hydraulic power of the muscle system depends on the pH of the postmortem muscle.In China, the pressure weight method is usually used to measure the water loss rate of muscle in order to estimate the hydraulic power of muscle. The higher the water loss rate, the lower the hydraulic power.System hydraulic power (%) = (weight of meat sample before pressing – weight of meat sample after pressing) ÷ weight of meat sample before pressing ×100%.Systemic water power: refers to the ability of muscle proteins to retain water under external forces. The hydrostatic power of muscle is measured by storage loss, cooked meat rate and water loss rate.Computer pressure meat tester is the ideal testing equipment for food packaging manufacturers, commodity inspection, universities, scientific research and other departments.


Execution standard: NY/T821-2004 NY/T2793-2015


LR-1000  meat strain hydraulic tester 

Main technical parameters:

Measuring range(0~1000) N
Accuracy ±1%
Test speed(1~100) mm/min
Return speed(1~100) mm/min
Parallelism of upper and lower platens <0.05mm
Pressure time(1~3600) s
Deformation(1~70) mm
Maximum distance of upper and lower plates70mm
Diameter of upper and lower pressing plate128 mm
Dimensionsabout 290mm×303mm×392mm
Weightabout 30kg
Power supplyAC220V, 50H


Standard circular sampler: (Φ 2.523 cm)


LR-1000  meat strain hydraulic tester 

Product features:

1, the use of high-precision force sensor, factory accuracy control in <0.5%, better than the ISO standard ±1%.

2, Precision ball screw drive, aluminum alloy panel, high quality stainless steel upper and lower plate and reasonable design, ensure the instrument durable.

3, Touch screen Chinese display, friendly man-machine interface operation.The pressure can be set to pressurize the sample. When the pressure reaches the set time or the amount of deformation, the instrument will stop automatically to realize the automatic completion of the test.With test data statistical processing function, micro printer output.

4, High-performance stepping motor, the United States chip control, to ensure that the instrument transmission is accurate, fast and efficient test.

  1. The calibration procedure is specially set inside the instrument to facilitate the measurement and calibration department (third party) to calibrate the instrument.During calibration, enter the calibration test program and place the standard sensor between the upper and lower pressure plates to easily calibrate the error of the indicated value.

6, unit selection diversity, users can switch between unit N and kg according to need.

7, meat standard circular sampler (2.523 cm) Φ matching supply and convenient sampling, applicable to all kinds of meat, food moisture compression performance test.


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