6 Bank Shear Oven complies with YY/T0148 standard and is specially used to test the stickiness of various band-aids, medical tapes, plasters and other products at different temperatures.To test the ability of the adhesive tape attached to the test board in a standard way at a set temperature to resist displacement under the specified gravity along the length.

6 Bank Shear Oven

Application area
shear oven is suitable for testing the stickiness of various high-temperature adhesive tape, medical adhesive tape, adhesive tape, label, rubber, waterproof roll, protective film and other products at different temperatures, and also conforms to YY/T0148 medical adhesive tape retention test standards

6 Bank Shear Oven

Technical Specification
Temperature range RT-100℃
Test plate size 200mm (L) ×50mm (W)×1.5mm(D)
GB4851 test plate size:125mm (L) ×50mm (W)×1.5mm(D)
Control accuracy ±0.1 ℃
Distribution of precision ±1%(1℃)
weight 200g 500g 1000g(Triangular hook)
work station 6pcs
Timer ≥10000h
Outside size 760mm (L) × 260mm (W) × 720 mm (H)
Weight  80kg
Power AC 220V 50Hz 15A

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