AA-1800EL Eight lamp holder Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Product introduction

AA-1800EL atomic absorption spectrometer is jointly developed by international new technology and experts from domestic universities. It has decades of experience in the development and application of spectral instruments. The products include flame, graphite furnace and hydride generation system, can be configured with a variety of accessories, flexible configuration solutions to meet the needs of different levels of customers. Fully automatic multifunctional AA-1800EL atomic absorption spectrometer can carry out complex sample analysis, and a variety of analysis methods can be switched automatically, so as to achieve unmanned automatic analysis.

AA-1800EL atomic absorption spectrometer is widely used in scientific research, quality inspection, disease control, environmental protection, metallurgy, agriculture, forestry, chemical and other industries. The innovative software and hardware design ensures the accuracy, safety, ease of use of sample analysis, and simple and convenient maintenance of the instrument.

AA-1800EL Eight lamp holder Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Performance characteristics

2.1. Total reflection achromatic optical system.
Spectrum bandwidth: 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.7, 1.0, 1.4, 2.0nm automatic setting, wavelength range: 185-900nm, the dispersion rate of 1800 lines/mm large area grating, a new self-collimating monochromator, all lenses are quartz coating, wide detection range and optical stability to ensure the accuracy of the analysis, shining wavelength 230nm grating spectrometer system.

2.2. Eight lamp holder

One lamp work, can preheat up to seven lights, saving the lamp change and preheating time, so that the element measurement is more quick and convenient.

2.3. Full automation

The instrument adopts automatic design. In addition to the main engine power switch, the lamp holder control, wavelength scanning, slit adjustment and two-dimensional mobile platform of the instrument are all controlled by software.

2.4. Background correction system

With deuterium lamp and self-absorption two background correction modes, when the background signal 1A, the background buckle capacity is more than 60 times.

2.5. Analysis software with independent intellectual property rights, complete functions and powerful performance

Humanized operation interface, so that your operation is easy, you can switch Chinese and English Windows style software interface, automatic qualitative and quantitative analysis, automatic calculation of element content, automatic generation of test report.

2.6. Characteristics of flame system

2.6.1. Polymer Atomizing room
Polymer material anti-corrosion atomization room, acid and alkali resistance, including hydrofluoric acid, whether organic or inorganic solution can get better sensitivity and stability;

2.6.2. Titanium burners

Titanium burner, optional 50mm and 100mm burner, air cooled premixed type, corrosion resistance, high salt resistance, greatly improve the efficiency of flame and accuracy of flame analysis;

2.6.3. High precision anti-clogging atomizer.

High efficiency atomizer, high atomization efficiency, easy maintenance and replacement.

2.6.4. Mass Flow controller realizes acetylene flow control.

The mass flow controller accurately controls the acetylene flow, with an accuracy of 1ml/min, and dynamically monitors the flow, making it easy to use, safe and reliable.

2.6.5. More safety protection measures to make sample analysis safer and more reliable.

High sensitivity detector is used to monitor acetylene leakage in real time.
High precision pressure sensor is used to monitor the acetylene pressure in real time.
High precision pressure sensor is used to monitor the air pressure of acetylene pressure.
Monitor the status of combustion head with micro switch and fire bolt;
The photosensitive diode is used to monitor the flame state in real time.

2.7. Characteristics of graphite furnace system

2.7.1. Integrated Design.
Automatic peak search, one key optical optimization function graphite furnace power supply, atomic absorption host located in an instrument, shorten the length of the cable, reduce the graphite furnace power supply to the outside electromagnetic interference, improve the heating efficiency of graphite tube.

2.7.2. Graphite furnace has high temperature control precision and fast heating speed.

High power transformer, micro resistance cable and light temperature control mode, and with the software and hardware temperature correction system, the temperature control accuracy of high temperature section can reach ±1%.

2.7.3. More safety protection measures to make sample analysis safer and more reliable.

Graphite furnace cooling water flow real-time monitoring and protection;

2.7.4. Monitor carrier gas pressure through pressure sensor

The temperature of graphite furnace is monitored by photodiode

2.7.5. Automatic carrier gas flow control.

The gas in the graphite furnace and the gas outside are all automatically controlled by the computer according to the temperature rise process of the software.

2.7.6. Automatic Sampler for Rotary disk graphite Furnace (optional).

Polar coordinates rotary disk type graphite furnace automatic sampler, high positioning accuracy, stable and reliable operation, easy to use and maintain.
AA-1800EL Eight lamp holder Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
Data processing

High intelligence software, powerful, friendly Chinese operation interface. Automatic instrument and additional control, flame, graphite furnace working mode can be automatically switched, automatic optimization, automatic dilution; Mouse operation, automatically set menu data and correction method;


During the graphite furnace analysis, the system will give the whole process analysis information, including the measured value, temperature, procedure, time, etc., and save all the measured signal curve and temperature curve within the integration time. Measurement data can be dynamically displayed. The standard curve can be automatically fitted. Accurate sample measurement: the wizard is used to set the sample, convenient and fast; Sensitivity correction function: make the measurement results more accurate; Parameter printing, data printing, graphics printing, export WORD, EXCEL documents.

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