AA-1800S/H/E Flame Graphite Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Tester

Product model


AA-1800S single graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometer with lamp holder


AA-1800H six lamp holder flame graphite furnace integrated atomic absorption spectrometer


AA-1800E eight lamp holder flame graphite furnace integrated atomic absorption spectrometer

AA-1800S/H/E Flame graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometer
Product introduction


AA-1800 atomic absorption spectrometer is jointly developed by experts in the industry and well-known universities in China. It has decades of experience in the development and application of spectral instruments. The products include flame, graphite furnace and hydride generation system, can be configured with a variety of accessories, flexible configuration solutions to meet the needs of different levels of customers. Fully automatic multifunctional AA-1800 atomic absorption spectrometer can carry out complex sample analysis, and a variety of analysis methods can be switched automatically, so as to achieve unmanned automatic analysis.


AA-1800 atomic absorption spectrometer is widely used in scientific research, quality inspection, disease control, environmental protection, metallurgy, agriculture and forestry, chemical and other industries. Innovative software and hardware design ensures the accuracy, safety, ease of use of sample analysis, and simple and convenient maintenance of the instrument.

AA-1800S/H/E Flame graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometer

Main features

High precision fully automated optical system
A large area grating with a dispersion rate of 1800 lines/mm, a new self-collimating monochromator, all lenses are quartz coated, a wide detection range and optical stability ensure the accuracy of the analysis. The automatic 6 lamp holder is equipped with 6 independent lamp power supplies, which can be preheated respectively.

Polymer atomizing chamber

Polymer material anti-corrosion atomization room, acid and alkali resistance, including hydrofluoric acid, whether organic or inorganic solution can get better sensitivity and stability;

Titanium burner

Titanium burner, optional 50mm and 100mm burner, air cooled premixed type, corrosion resistance, high salt resistance, greatly improve the efficiency of flame and accuracy of flame analysis;

Fully automated analysis

It can automatically complete safe ignition, extinguishing and switching, reliable structure and low failure rate, thus ensuring the sensitivity and reproducibility of flame method.
Light source system six lamp platform automatic switching, can directly use high-performance hollow cathode lamp, improve the sensitivity of flame analysis, automatic adjustment of power supply parameters and beam position, automatic wavelength scanning and wave peak search;

Graphite furnace temperature control

Dual temperature control of inside and outside gas, 20 order linear or nonlinear temperature rise, to ensure that the element to be measured has a good sensitivity; The inner wall temperature of the graphite tube is monitored by longitudinal light control. The temperature can rise up to 3000℃/s.

High technical index

The element test sensitivity of AA-1800 atomic absorption spectrometer reached the advanced level of the industry, sensitivity ≤0.015μg/mL/1%; The baseline drift is less than 0.003Abs/30m and the stability is better than 0.005Abs/4h.

Background correction system

Deuterium hollow cathode lamp and self-absorption buckled background are used for background correction, which eliminates the interference of molecular absorption in low content determination, reduces the emission noise of deuterium lamp, prolongs the service life and has good stability. When the background signal of deuterium lamp is 1A, the background deducting ability is more than 50 times.

Intelligent analysis

Intelligence is very strong, humanized design, flame and graphite furnace atomizer automatic switching, graphite furnace atomizer automatic optimization, automatic setting and adjustment of flame height, automatic ignition, automatic optimization of horizontal position, the system automatically set gas flow. In case of power failure, misoperation, acetylene leakage, etc., the system will automatically start the safety protection function;

Automatic sampler

Integrated design with graphite furnace, using high precision syringe, the minimum sample can be 0.5μl, with intelligent online dilution and concentration function.
AA-1800S/H/E Flame graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometer

Software functions

Powerful function
High intelligence software, powerful, friendly Chinese operation interface. Automatic instrument and additional control, automatic optimization, automatic dilution; Mouse operation, automatically set menu data and correction method;
Measurement data can be dynamically displayed. The standard curve can be automatically fitted.
Accurate sample measurement: the wizard is used to set the sample, convenient and fast;
Sensitivity correction function: make the measurement results more accurate;

Data sharing

Convenient and fast data sharing

Data processing: data can be edited and saved;

Print out: Report on single and multi-element analysis; Print the measurement results and instrument conditions;
Data export: The data export function enables data sharing with other systems.

Data processing

Measurement methods: flame method, graphite furnace method, hydride – atomic absorption method
Concentration calculation methods: standard curve method (1 ~ 3 curve), automatic fitting, standard addition method
The number of repeated measurements: 1-99 times, calculate the mean value, give standard deviation and relative standard deviation
Result printing: parameter printing, data printing, graphic printing, can be exported WORD, EXCEL documents

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