AATCC Manual Colour FastnessTester Crockmeter



 AATCC  Manual Colour FastnessTester Crockmeter

Used for testing the color fastness to dry or wet friction and color fastness to brushing of cotton, chemical fiber and blending fabrics, lether and other dyed fabrics.

Accessories Consumables: 200 white cotton cloth (small box)

Record a four-digit counter

Weight 8 Kg


AATCC 8/165  Euro BS 1006 D02 International  ISO 105X12/D02  Japean JIS K6328,L0815, L1087

Test method for fastness to abrasion:

1. Objective: To develop test criteria to evaluate the degree of cloth color transfer.

2. Scope: includes all fabrics, fabrics and toys.

3. Equipment

3.1. Friction fastness tester

3.2. Grey Card

3.3. White cloth for dry-wet friction test

Step 4: Procedures

4.1. Dry grinding test

4.1.1. Put the white cotton cloth on the cylinder of the dry-wet mill.

4.1.2. The sample is fixed on the fuselage with young sandpaper, and the long axis of the sample to be tested is consistent with the direction of friction.

4.1.3. Rub the cylinder back and forth on the sample 10 times at the speed of one revolution of the rocker arm per second.

4.1.4. Check the gray card to evaluate the level of color transfer.

4.2. Wet grinding test

4.2.1. Soak the white cotton with water and gently pinch to remove excess water.

4.2.2. Put the white cotton cloth on the cylinder of the dry-wet mill and rub the sample back and forth 10 times.

4.2.3. Check the gray card to evaluate the color transfer level after the white cotton cloth is dry.

Manual Colour FastnessTester Crockmeter


Rubbing head pressure9N
Rubbing head Circulardiameter Ø16;   Rectangular:19×25.4mm
Reciprocationg rubbing speedManual control
Reciprocating times1-99999 times
Reciprocating times  104mm
External dimension620×160×220mm

Cotton fabric brand tested: testfabrics USA .Specification: 1000 pieces/box (200 pieces/box *5)

AATCC Manual Colour FastnessTester Crockmeter

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