AHS-50 Automatic Headspace Sampling Tester


The simple principle of AHS-50 automatic headspace sampling device is that the sample to be tested is placed in a closed container, and the volatile components of the sample to be tested are volatilized from the sample matrix by heating up to achieve a balance in the gas-liquid (or gas-solid) phase, and the upper gas is directly extracted for chromatography. Thus, the composition and content of volatile components in the sample were detected.


1. The rotary valve switching multi-dimensional gas path sampling system overcomes the disadvantages of domestic six-way and 10-way valves, such as short service life and inability to withstand high temperature


2. The gas path process design is very simple, reliable, conducive to leakage prevention, greatly improve the work efficiency


3. Inert treatment technology is adopted in the gas path and sample valve that the sample passes through


4. Optional gas path (EPC electronic pressure control), digital display is more intuitive. It can realize automatic gas path system leak detection and obstacle alarm


5. By adjusting the injection time, the sample has been analyzed for different concentrations


6. For various standards, can store 10 methods


7. Full color screen display, friendly interface, touch operation, can be quickly and easily mastered, the whole tracking display operation process, set parameter value and real time value


8.4 pre-heating stations can realize circulating heating and improve analysis efficiency


9. Expand the scope of services: ⑴ To provide customers with experimental equipment solutions, technical consultation or co-construction and sharing of chromatographic analysis sample pretreatment related projects


⑵ Headspace sampler/functional module/unit assembly and related parts and accessories can be: buy, rent or trade-in

AHS-50 Automatic Headspace Sampling Tester


The main samples suitable for headspace sampling are: liquid, solid and mixture, such as drinking water, wastewater, food testing, pharmaceutical, blood, soil, water, mud, cosmetics, soap, packaging, metal foil,

Volatile organic compounds found in paper, mineral mud, spices, etc. Currently, it is mainly used in the following fields:

1. Petrochemical industry: determination of volatile organic compounds in polymer monomer coatings, etc

2. Environmental sciences: Determination of volatile halocarbons in drinking water and organic toxic volatiles in industrial wastewater

3. Hygiene and epidemic prevention: analysis of residual fumigation and disinfection of medical supplies

4. Food industry: quality control of wine, vinegar and soy sauce, analysis of acetaldehyde residues in packaging materials and 6# solvent residues in leached oil

5. Flavor: aroma analysis in beer and tea

6. Quality control of drugs: analysis of organic residual solvents in drugs

7. Forensic chemistry: Determination of ethanol, ketones and aldehydes in blood and urine

8. Others, such as: determination of volatile organic compounds in soil, etc

AHS-50 Automatic Headspace Sampling Tester

1. Sample temperature adjustment range: room temperature ~ 380℃, accuracy ±0.5℃ increment 1℃


2. Pipeline temperature adjustment range: room temperature ~ 260℃, accuracy ±0.5℃ increment 1℃


3. Six-way valve temperature adjustment range: room temperature ~ 260℃, accuracy ±1℃ increment 1℃ set


4. Controllable number of foreign affairs: 15


5. Foreign affairs time control range: 0.1 ~ 99 minutes timing error: < 0.1 percent


6. Cylinder driving gas pressure: < 0.4MPa (adjustable)


7. Withstand pressure of gas circuit and related components: >0.4MPa


8. Heating station: 4


9. Headspace bottle station: 50


10. Headspace bottle specification: Standard 20ml


11. Repeatability of analysis: RSDS <1% (related to GC performance and operation techniques)


12. Instrument power: < 1000VA


13. Linkage signal output switch time: <2 seconds


14 instrument dimensions: height × width × length :580mm×564mm×666mm


15. Weight: about 40Kg


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