ASTM D5185 Inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer


Inductively Coupled Plasma emission spectrometer is also known as ICP spectrometer (Inductive Coupled Plasma), namely, the inductively coupled high-frequency plasma is used as the excitation light source. This instrument applies standard ASTM D5185, and uses the atomic or ion emission characteristic spectrum of each element to determine the composition of the substance. And carry out the element qualitative and quantitative analysis instrument. Also known as ICP Atomic Emission spectrometer.

Instrument features:

1.full English operation interface, with drawing function, easy to use. control automatic peak seeking, automatic scanning, automatic attenuation.

3.Single and complex interelement interference correction.

4.Automatic background correction and background deduction.

5.The spectral line library has more than 24,000 analytical spectral lines, which can be added by itself.

  1. boot automatic diagnosis and debugging.

7.quadratic regression and Gaussian curve calculation content measurement.

Technical parameters:

  1. Fast analysis speed: one minute fast analysis of more than 20 elements
  2. High degree: relative standard deviation RSD≤1.5%

3.Good stability: relative standard deviation RSD≤2.0%

  1. Low detection limit: μg/L
  2. Multiple analysis elements: more than 70 elements can be quantitatively analyzed
  3. Convenient operation: The new Windows operating environment is full of features
  4. Automatic ignition: reduce the difficulty of use, convenient and fast
  5. Multiple protection: low cooling water reminding protection, argon low value protection, arc extinguishing protection, triple protection

9.Power source (power grid fluctuation ≥10%, need to use AC voltage regulator) : spectroradiometer: AC 220V 30A

  brain: AC 220V 2 A

Water tank: AC 220V 8 A


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