ASTM D6138 Grease Corrosion Protection Tester for Dynamic Wet Conditions

Product Description

This instrument measures the ability of a grease to protect bearings against corrosion in the presence of water. Both sets of greased bearings were partially submerged in water and rotated at 80 rpm during the run and rest cycles. At the end of the test, check the bearing outer race for corrosion.



Warranty1 Year
Customized supportOEM, ODM, OBM, Software reengineering
Place of OriginChina
Brand Namelonroy
Model NumberLR-A015
Applicable standardsASTM D6138, SH/T0700, ISO 11007
Rotation modeAC motor drive
Rotation speed80~85r/min
Timing methoddigital display timer
Working unit8 units
Working power supply220V 50Hz
Power of the whole machine600W
Instrument size1420*320*240mm
Net weight46KG

Functional characteristics

  1. Matching standard test bearing, 30×72×19mm;
  2. The mirror observation bearing without magnification function is convenient for operation;
  3. High-torque motor, drive without hindrance;
  4. Digital display working time and stop time;
  5. After the test, the motor will be automatically turned off;
  6. Fixed and dynamic tests can be carried out;
  7. Special engineering plastic bearing seat to avoid other metal corrosion affecting the experimental results


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