ATP Luminometer/ATP Fluorescence Testing Instruments Use To Medical Disinfection Product



ATP Luminometer/ATP Fluorescence Testing Instruments Use To Medical Disinfection Product 

ATP content in living microorganisms is relatively constant.In this swab, ATP content is determined by detecting the luminescence value, thus determining the content of live microorganisms in the sample.The swab has two structures. The lower end of the connector of the surface swab is connected with a cotton swab. The cotton swab contains a bacterial lysate containing lytic bacteria and other microorganisms.The lower part of the connecting head of the water sample collector is connected with the pipet water sample collector, and the tube contains the bacteria lysate of lysed bacteria and other microorganisms.The swab head contains an enzyme reaction solution that emits light in response to ATP.The samples on the surface of the object are collected by cotton swabs or water sample collector to collect liquid samples. The samples interact with the bacteria lysate to release ATP in the microorganism, and then mix with the enzyme reaction fluid to produce reaction luminescence. The luminescence value can be read by the instrument.


 ATP Luminometer/ATP Fluorescence Testing Instruments Use To Medical Disinfection Product 

Technical parameters of ATP fluorescence detector:

  1. Imported high sensitivity photoelectric sensor.
  2. Detection accuracy: 10-15 TO 10-18 mol ATP.
  3. Detection range: 0-9999 RLUs.
  4. Lower limit of detection: 1RLU.
  5. Startup self-test: 30 seconds (built-in self-calibration light source).
  6. Detection time: 15 seconds
  7. Detection interference: ±5% or ±5RLUs
  8. Detection mode: RLU
  9. Data content: RLU file name, record number, date, time, etc.
  10. Data display: large screen and clear LCD display.
  11. Power supply: built-in high-performance lithium battery (3AH), continuous working time of more than 12 hours, standby time of more than 300 hours.Can be equipped with solar charger, mobile phone charger, car charger.
  12. Reagent support: the integrated liquid stability test swab produced by our company has a warranty period of 12 months and is suitable for quick on-site testing.
  13. Built-in calibration light source, automatic qualification.

14.USB interface, can connect to PC to transmit detection data.

  1. Working environment: 5-40℃, ambient humidity 20-85%.
  2. Instrument size (L×W×H) : 190mm×78mm×36mm.
  3. Instrument weight: less than 260g.

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