Automatic plasticizer testing scheme

Automatic Food plasticizer tester
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Food related plasticizer (phthalate esters) is a hot issue in the current food industry, China Food Association analysis believes that automatic plasticizer (plasticizer) detection scheme: Through a large number of comprehensive tests of food products across the country, food products basically contain plasticizer ingredients, 2.32mg/kg (more than 8 times of the national regulations), low 0.495mg/kg (more than 1.7 times of the national regulations), average 0.537mg/k g (more than about 2 times of the national regulations). The content of high-grade food is higher, and the content of low-grade food is lower. Plasticizer, also known as plasticizer, is a polymer material additive widely used in industry. Adding this substance in plastic processing can make its flexibility enhanced, easy to process, and can be legally used for industrial purposes. Since May 2011, six kinds of phthalate plasticizers, including DEHP, DINP, DNOP, DBP, DMP and DEP, were detected successively in food from Taiwan, China, and DIDP was detected in medicine. Since then, the “haze” effect of plasticizer continues to spread, in drinks, food, convenience food and drugs continue to be exposed after the plasticizer exceeded the standard, its lethality let many people talk about “plastic” color change. Excessive plasticizer in food will have serious harm to the human body, long-term uptake of plasticizer will interfere with human endocrine disorders disorders, will also increase the burden of liver and kidney, causing chronic damage to the immune system, digestive system, serious will also lead to liver cancer, its toxicity is 20 times of melamine, Ministry of Health emergency announcement, will phthalate esters (also called phthalates) class substances, Include in the list of non-edible substances that may be illegally added to food and food additives that are easy to abuse.

Guangdong set spectrum technology | guangzhou jingu scientific instrument co., LTD is a company that specializes in industry hot solution, the plasticizer for food industry hotspot, in accordance with our country on the determination of phthalates in food “(GB/T21911-2008) standards, research and development of new a set of automatic plasticizer (plasticizer) detection scheme, This program has two certifications, for the accurate analysis and detection of food plasticizers – phthalates in the status of the domestic.

Automatic Food plasticizer tester
I. Main performance characteristics:

1. Friendly man-machine dialogue interface makes your operation simpler.
2. Shunt/non-shunt injection system makes analysis flexible and convenient.
3, with two way valve parts control system, convenient to realize online automatic sampling.
4, high precision EFC (flow) system makes your flow at a glance, can more accurately set the gas flow.
5, comprehensive detection and fault diagnosis system, so that you can quickly judge and solve the problem of the instrument.
6, Wider temperature control range: ambient temperature +5ºC ~ 450ºC, so that the sample analysis range is wider.
7, can install the United States HP-5890 gas chromatograph micro thermal conductivity detector, to achieve * docking.
8, the best cut-off protection system, can avoid the detector and chromatographic column damage to the greatest extent.
9, column box can be installed ultra-low temperature control system, low -80ºC ultra-low temperature control, to meet your low boiling point material analysis needs.
10. The intercolumn compensation circuit allows the drift of the baseline to be electronically compensated during the program’s heating operation, reducing the complexity brought by the second column, detector and auxiliary flow system. Two single-column compensation channels can be installed simultaneously.

Two, temperature control index:

Column boxroom temperature +5ºC-450ºC Accuracy: 0.1ºC display accuracy up to 0.01ºC
Samplerroom temperature +5ºC-450ºC Accuracy: 0.1ºC display accuracy up to 0.01ºC
DetectorRoom temperature +5ºC-450ºC Accuracy: 0.1ºC display accuracy up to 0.01ºC
column temperature box volume248*248*260MM
Program temperature rise orderthird order linear rise


Automatic Food plasticizer tester
Iii. Technical indicators of detector:

1, hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID) :

Cylinder collector structure design, quartz nozzle, response *

Detection limit: ≤8×10-12g/s(n-cetane/isoctane)

Baseline noise: ≤ 6×10-12 A/H

Baseline drift: ≤2×10-12A/30min

Linearity: ≥106

Automatic ignition

Stabilization time: ten minutes

2, thermal conductivity detector (TCD) : the use of semi-diffuse structure, the power supply adopts constant current control mode

Sensitivity: ≥2500mV·ml/mg(n-cetane/isoctane).

Baseline noise: ≤20μV.

Baseline drift: ≤100μV/30min.

Linear >=104

Four, TP20-GC food plasticizer detection gas chromatograph analysis conditions:

AB-5 quartz capillary column: 30M*0.25mm*0.25um

Carrier gas: Hydrogen flow rate 1ml/min

Inlet temperature: 250ºC

Injection method: no shunt injection

Temperature of detector: 300ºC

Sample size: 1ul

Heating procedure: the initial column temperature was 60ºC and kept for 1min

The temperature was heated at 20ºC/min to 220ºC for 1min

Then heat up at 5ºC/min to 280ºC for 4min

Automatic plasticizer (plasticizer) testing scheme Automatic plasticizer (plasticizer) testing scheme

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