BGD 1285 ISO Portable Small Scratching Tool


BGD 1285 ISO Scratching Tool is a simple but effective instrument which is used to scratch the surface of samples in preparation for adhesion, salt spray and corrosion tests. The tool is held horizontally and pulled across the sample to produce the scratch.

It is be used in according with ISO 17872:2007, ISO 2063, ISO 7253, BS 7479. There are two “V”shape cutters at one end , and two “U”shape cutters at the other end. All cutters are made of special tungsten steel and can be replaced easily. Having this scratch tool, operator can do “V” or“U”shape scratch easily and quickly.

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BGD 1285—ISO Scratching Tool
BGD 1285/V—V shape cutter
BGD 1285/U—U shape cutter

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