BGD 152/1S Touch-screen Rotary Viscometer


Touch-screen Rotary Viscometers are upgraded from old digital viscometers. They are equipped a 5 inch touch screen with a powerful human-machine interface , easy to use and can show many testing parameters. They use a MCS-51 series computer to constantly control the rotation speed and the whole testing process. Finish viscosity measurement automatically under controlling of computer and output test results to screen. They can be used to measure viscous resistance and absolute viscosity of liquid, and widely applied in the field of petri chemistry, medicine, food, light industry, textile industry, scientific research, etc. 



◆ Small size, good stability, high precision and good anti-interference.

◆ With Biuged patents, enable multiple sampling in one rotation. Other competitor only sample one time in one rotation.

◆ Rotate by high sub-division stepper motor driver, with accurate speed, low noise, stable movements. And the change of AC power frequency don’t influence viscosity measurements.

◆ For thixotropic Non-Newton fluid, timing function of instrument can ensure to get a good consistent testing results.

◆ Dirven by stepper motor directly, convenient to change speed , display rotating speed clearly, good reliability and no shaking.

◆ 5 inch high definition touch scree display viscosity, speed, torque percentage, max. measurement range under current rotor and speed.

◆ Display continuous change of viscosity,Alarm for over measuring range.

◆ Linear Calibration to full range by computer, measurement precision is ±1.0% of full range.

◆ Switching adapter, wide range power supply input(100V-240V) for good anti-interference

◆ Anti-static shell and PC material lifting pole

◆ Durable new design with small shaft

◆ ARM chip processor, processing data more quickly

◆ Convert freely between various viscosity units , dynamic viscosity convert kinematic viscosity automatically

◆ Accompanied with detailed operation instruction and correction function for viscosity coefficient.

◆ Calibrated by user

◆ Built-in RTD temperature sensor to monitor sample temperature in real time.

◆ Come with RS 232 interface, can print measuring data by mini-printer with less labor.


BGD 152/1S Touch-screen Rotary Viscometer

Main Technical Parameters

■ Rotors:Four rotors—No.1,No.2,No.3,No.4

■ Measuring Range:

BGD 152/1S—10~100,000(105)mPa.s

BGD 152/2S—10~2,000,000(106)mPa.s

■ Rotate Speed: 

BGD 152/1S—6r/min, 12r/min, 30r/min, 60r/min

BGD 152/2S—0.3 r/min, 0.6 r/min, 1.5 r/min, 3r/min, 6r/min, 12r/min, 30r/min, 60r/min

■ Measurement Precision: ±1.0 % of full range(Newtonian fluids)

■ Measurement Repeatablity: ±0.5 % of full range(Newtonian fluids)

■ Electrical Power:220V/50Hz
■ Weight:10KG
■ Dimensions:308mm×300mm×450mm(L×W×H)

■ Optional Accessories:Mini printer, Thermoses, Standard oils etc(see page***)

■ Ordering Information:

BGD 152/1S—Intelligent Touch-screen Rotary Viscometers(10-100,000mPa.s)

BGD 152/2S—Intelligent Touch-screen Rotary Viscometers(10-2,000,000mPa.s)


BGD 152/1S Touch-screen Rotary Viscometer

Optional Accessories

THD Series—Low Temperature Thermostatic Bath
BGD 1600—Standard Oil(500ml)

BGD 1601—Low Viscosity Adapter(The 0th rotor and can measure 1.0 mPa.s sample)

BGD 1602—Small Sample Adapter(It’s specially designed for customers with small samples and requires only a quantity as small as 5~18ml;Sample cup is easily cleaned, installed, removed, and observed;Accurate data of shear rate and shear stress can be obtained for a minute analysis of the fluid characteristics of the sample;One-off sample cups are available)

BGD 1603—Mini Single Color Printer

BGD 1604—RTD Thermometer(-20℃~120℃)

BGD 1605—Thermoses(It has been designed to accurately measure the viscosity of heated oil, paraffin, asphalt emulsions, medicine, high polymer and similar liquid materials at high temperatures. It allows control of a sample’s temperature at a range of room temperature +300℃. It can program the intelligent thermostat and ensures its temperature fluctuation within 0.1℃. Sample dosage is as small as 10ml, and one-off sample cups are available. Standard type of SC4 spindle can be applied, which is easy to use)

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