BGD186 Intelligent Krebs Stormer Viscosity Meter


BGD 186 Intelligent Krebs Stormer Viscometer which is upgraded from BGD 184. It is used widely for making viscosity measurements on paints/coatings in accordance with ASTM D562. Digital version with constant speed motor rotating at 200 r.p.m can get greater accuracy and repeatability for test results.

Comparing with BGD 184, it has these features as below:

◆ Can show “KU”, “cP”, “g”,  “℃” value simultaneously.

◆ Designed with calibration function: With standard oil, users can complete calibration independently, no need return it to manufacture.

◆ Biult in infrared thermometer sensor to measure sample temperature, more convenient and more precise.

◆ Has a big LCD which can show test result clearly

◆ Can set test time and show real time

◆ With RS 232 communication port, can print test results

◆ Self protection function under over-range.

◆ Magnetic rotor enables rapid installing, dismantlement or cleaning

◆ Come with Calibration Certificate


The cP reading from the Krebs Stormer Viscometer is not necessarily agree with cP values measured by other instruments due to:

1. Unique shear rate of the Krebs Stormer Viscometer paddle spindle.

2. Uniqueness of the Krebs unit scale


BGD186 Intelligent Krebs Stormer Viscosity Meter

Main Technical Parameters

■ Range:40.2KU~141.0KU     27-5250 cP
■ Accuracy:±1.0% of full scale range
■ Repeatability:±0.5% of full scale range
■ Paddle Speed:200r/min±0.1r/min
■ Overall Dimensions:210mm×180mm×500mm(length by width by height )

■ Package Size:560mm×450mm×280mm

■ Package Weight:9.2 KG

■ Ordering Information:BGD 186—Intelligent Krebs Stormer Viscometer


BGD 186 Intelligent Krebs Stormer Viscosity Meter


BGD 1600/L—Standard Oil for Krebs Stormer Viscometer (67.2 KU)

BGD 1600/M—Standard Oil for Krebs Stormer Viscometer (86.3 KU)

BGD 1600/H—Standard Oil for Krebs Stormer Viscometer (106.6 KU)

BGD 1600/T—Standard Oil for Krebs Stormer Viscometer (121.5 KU)

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