BGD 187 Multifunction Stormer Viscosity Meter


BGD 187 Multifunction Stormer Viscometer is designed in accordance with ASTM D 562. It is fully upgraded from BGD186, with more reasonable structure, simpler operation and wider application.


BGD 187 Multifunction Stormer Viscosity Meter


◆ Apply a new structural design: it can be split into portable viscometer directly, and able to meet the test requirements for production site or other various temporary application environment.

◆ Apply a new appearance design:using 7 inch industrial grade full touch screen, more clearly display and more convenient operation.

◆ Come with calibration certificate.

◆ Built in infrared thermometer sensor to measure sample temperature, more convenient and more precise.

◆ Magnetic rotor enables rapid installing, dismantlement or cleaning.

◆ Designed with calibration function: the end user can calibrate regularly with standard oil, no need return to its manufacturer. Compared with similar instruments, the cost is greatly saved.

◆ Aluminum alloy+Glass base plate, beautiful and easy to clean.


BGD 187 Multifunction Stormer Viscosity Meter

Main Technical Parameters

■ Range: 40.2KU~141.0KU  27-5250 cP  

■ Accuracy: ±1.0% of full scale range

■ Repeatability: ±0.5% of full scale range

■ Paddle Speed:200r/min±0.1r/min

■ Volume of container:500ml

■ Power Supply:220V 50Hz

■ Overall Dimensions: 230mm×180mm×500mm(L×W×H)

■ New Weight: 5.1 KG

■ Ordering Information:BGD187—Multifunction Stormer Viscometer


BGD 187 Multifunction Stormer Viscosity Meter


BGD 1600/L—Standard Oil for Krebs Stormer Viscometer (67.2 KU)

BGD 1600/M—Standard Oil for Krebs Stormer Viscometer (86.3 KU)

BGD 1600/H—Standard Oil for Krebs Stormer Viscometer (106.6 KU)

BGD 1600/T—Standard Oil for Krebs Stormer Viscometer (121.5 KU)

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