BGD 264 complete drying time tester

BGD 264 complete drying time tester is designed and manufactured according to the latest national standards GB/T 37362.1-2019 and ISO 9117.1-2009.Used for testing whether the single coating or composite coating system of color paint, varnish or related products has reached the completely dry state or the drying time required to reach the completely dry state after the specified drying time under standard conditions.

The instrument consists of a base and a free sliding pressure column. During the test, the substrate is coated with a certain thickness of color paint and varnish and dried under specified conditions.Then a certain load is applied in the test area of the coating surface, and then the load is rotated on the coating surface by 90゜, and the dryness of the entire coating is determined by checking the loss of the coating surface.

BGD 264 complete drying time tester

Main technical parameters:

Pressure cylinder diameter25mm
Pressure cylinder assembly quality≤250g
Rubber disc diameter(22±1) mm
Thickness of rubber disc(5±0.5) mm
The hardness of rubber disc(50±5) IRHD
Monofilament polyamide screen size100mm×100mm, monofilament diameter is (0.12±0.01) mm, aperture is about 0.2mm
Total load mass(1500±10) g

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