BGD 507/S Pencil Coating Hardness Test Machine


BGD 507/S Automatic Pencil Hardness Tester is a newly developed instrument for measuring the pencil hardness of coatings rapidly and accurately. It overcomes the defect of traditional manual pencil hardness tester that the speed cannot keep constant, and greatly eliminates the affect of human factors on the test results. In addition, the instrument can set different loads on pencil lead, which meets different test standards and application requirements.

◆ User can set required moving speed, and the speed of whole scratch processes is stable.

◆ User can set different force for pencil tip according to different standards, such as 7.5N, 750g, 500g, 1000g, etc.

◆  It’s easy to fix the pencil by special designed fixture.

◆ The loads on pencil lead to be controlled by sensors, no need to adjust the level of instrument.

◆ Conforms to ISO 15184、ASTM D 3363


BGD 507/S Automatic Pencil Hardness Tester 

Main Technical Parameters

■ Setting range of Pencil tip Force:250g-1000g;

■ Pencil Moving Distance:80mm;

■ Setting range of Pencil Moving Speed:0-10mm/s

■ Overall Size(L×W×H):430mm×250mm×230mm

■  Ordering Information:BGD 507/S—Automatic Pencil Hardness Tester

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