BGD 510 Buchholz Paint Indentation Test Machine


BGD 510 Buchholz Indentation Tester is a reliable test method for evaluation of indentation resistance of plastic deformable coatings. A beveled disc with a sharp edge is applied onto the test surface under a constant 500g. Test load provided by a steel block holder. The trace left after 30 s. Load is measured with a 20X magnification illuminated microscope. The length of the indentation is inversely proportional to the hardness.

◆ Conform with Standard ISO 2815

◆ Stainless steel block

◆ Circular tool is a double cone block

◆ Circular tool and support of hard metal

◆ Marking triangle for precise positioning.

◆ 20x magnification with graduated scale to measure indentation length.


BGD 510 Buchholz Paint Indentation Test Machine

Main Technical Parameters
■ Indentation load:500±5g

■ Indentation Diameter:30±0.2mm

■ Indentation Width:5±0.1mm

■ Indentation Angle:60°±0.5°

■ Accuracy of indentation reading:0.1mm
■ Ordering Information:BGD 510—Buchholz Indentation Tester

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