BGD 535 Automatic Cross Hatch Grading Instrument


As an important method to evaluate the adhesion degree between coating and substrate, cross cut method has been widely used. Although the traditional manual cross cut method is simple and convenient, due to the operator’s cutting speed and coating cutting force can not be accurately controlled, the test results of different testers are different. The latest ISO 2409-2019 standard clearly defined that in order to obtain uniform and consistent cutting, automatic cross hatch adhesion tester with motor drive shall be used as far as possible.

 BGD 535 Automatic Cross Hatch Tester is an auto. cross cut instrument which designed by our company according to the latest ISO 2409 and ASTM 3359 standards. Compared with similar products in the market, it has the following advantages:

◆ Adopts 7-inch industrial grade full touch screen, which can edit relevant cutting parameters and display the parameters clearly and intuitively

◆ Cutting speed, cutting load, cutting intervals and cutting number (landscape cuttings & portrait cuttings) can be set

◆ The load force in the cutting process is automatically compensated to ensure constant load and consistent cutting depth of coating

◆ Automatic clamping test sample, simple and convenient.

◆ After a certain cutting direction is completed, the working platform automatically and accurately rotates 90 °to avoid that the cutting lines caused by artificial rotation cannot be completely crossed vertically


BGD 535 Automatic Cross Hatch Tester

Main Technical Parameters

■ Test plate Size:150mm×100mm×(0.5-20)mm

■ Setting Range of Cutter Load:5N ~ 50N

■ Cutting Speed Setting Range:1mm/s ~ 20mm/s

■ Setting Range of cutting intervals:1mm~5mm

■ Power supply:220V, 50/60Hz

■ Max. Power:80W

■ Gross Weight:30KG

■ Instrument Dimension:540mm×335mm×380mm (L×W×H)

■ Ordering Information:BGD 535—Automatic Cross Hatch Tester

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