BGD 537 Abrasion Resistance Test Machine for Touch Screen Coating


Introduction: In view of intelligent electronic products are more and more widely used, it is a very important issue for coating experts to solve how to give customers a great touch experience and how to resist the dust and scratch caused by fingerprint. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Coatings and Related Materials and Applications Committee (D01) have published the new international standard, which is the test method for abrasion resistance of touch screen coatings on intelligent electronic products. In 2021, ASTM D 8380-21《Standard Test for Dry Abrasion Resistance of Hydrophobic and Omniphobic Coatings》was issued. The standard specifies a method for testing the abrasion resistance of hydrophobic and omniphobic coatings, which are usually used to enhance the fingerprint resistance, water removal, stain resistance and easy cleaning performance of the coating surface. By comparing the difference between the initial contact angle and the contact angle after mechanical abrasion, to evaluate the function of coating that maintain its original properties after environmental exposure.

According to this newly promulgated standard, BIUGED INSTRUMENTS develops a new instrument——BGD 537 Abrasion Resistance Tester for Touch Screen Coating. 

The tester adopts Single-Chip Microcomputer control system, which has the characters of stepless speed, automatic counting. The LCD screen directly displays working speed, counts, and can be set the test times. With the features of compact structure, easy-to-operate, and good repeatability&comparability of test results, it is the first choice for research and production of hydrophobic coatings and intelligent electronic product testing institutions. 


BGD 537 Abrasion Resistance Test Machine for Touch Screen Coating

Main Technical Parameters:

■ Rubbing Distance: 30mm±1mm

■ Rubbing Frequency: 60cpm±5cpm

■ Rubber Head Load: 10N±0.5N

■ Rubber Head Size: (10±1)mm×(10±1)mm (1.0cm2 in area)

■ Rubber Medium: 0000#Steel Wire Brush

■ Settable Rubbing Times: 0~9,999

■ Power Supply: AC 110~220V;50~60 Hz

■ Overall Size: 270mm×310mm×340mm (W×D×H)

■ Gross Weight:18 KG

■ Ordering Information: BGD 537—Abrasion Resistance Tester for Touch Screen Coating

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